Saturday, April 28, 2007

Growing Up

Blakely you are growing up so fast. This week you have tee-teed once and pooh-poohed once in your potty. We haven't really been trying to potty train you, but we have had your potty out for a couple of months and we talk about it a lot. So you are starting to tell me some when you need to go potty. Hopefully this summer we can work on it and you will be trained before the baby arrives. I don't want to push you too soon, but I feel like you are heading down the road to potty training. YEAH!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Busy past 2 weeks

Blakely we have been pretty busy the past two weeks. The first week we stayed at home most of the time, because you had pink eye and a double ear infection. This last week you got to spend time with Uncle Kenny, Aunt Terri and your cousin Colby. They had to come in town for a church meeting. You had a fun time hanging out and going swimming. Then we went to Grammy and Papaw's for a sale and stayed for a couple of nights. This past weekend we went to Anna Kate's 1st birthday party. You had so much fun riding the pony and playing with Anna Kate. Maybe the next couple of weeks we will be able to stay home some and relax.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful time this Easter weekend. We traveled to Waco, TX to stay with the Harshbargers. Our exciting weekend included the zoo, shopping, going to church, playing with Cameron and Carson and oh yeah SNOW. It snowed all day Saturday and was very cold all weekend long except on Friday. People were actually building snow bunnies to celebrate Easter. At the zoo you loved seeing all of the animals and going down the clear plastic slide. You weren't too excited about going to a new church nursery, but you are definitely having separation anxiety issues these days. We also enjoyed a soda fountain from the Dr. Pepper museum. Other than the snow you had such a fun time playing with Cameron and Carson. You would follow Cameron around everywhere and would always want to know where baby Carson was. You loved hugging and kissing all over Carson. You and Cameron had fun finding the Easter eggs. You did a really good job of finding all of your eggs and enjoyed eating some of the candy inside them.
We had such a great time Carla and Todd and plan on coming back soon so we can go to San Antonio-hopefully it will be a little warmer. Thanks for a fun time.

My New Sandbox

Grammy and Papaw got you a new turtle sandbox. You had so much fun playing in it without the sand. I think you stayed outside and played in it for a hour and a half. Thanks Grammy and Papaw for my new sandbox.