Friday, September 26, 2008


Blakely started awanas on Sunday night. She is a cubbie. When I was walking her down the hall she said, "mom, I'm so excited." She said she had such a good time and she learned that Jesus made everything. She has already memorized two verses. We are so proud of you Blakely.

It was also backwards night-she thought it was a little weird that she was wearing her clothes backwards.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Go Army!

Your Uncle Sam (daddy's brother) is in the Army now. He is currently on a months leave until he is stationed. We decided to go make a quick visit this past weekend. The girls went shopping. Of course Nana spoiled you all with some cute clothes. I also got to eat lunch with my great friend Martha and her sister Kelly. Your Dad and Uncle Sam went canoeing/fishing and had a great time. We only took a few pictures right before we left. We just get so busy that I always forget to take pictures. We are so proud of our Uncle Sam!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun in the Jump-O-Lene

Blakely and Lilly have had such a great time in the Jump-O-Lene. We had it outside and then we brought it inside. They have spent hours playing in it...especially Blakely. They turned it upside down and had the best time playing with all of their toys.

Friday, September 12, 2008

11 Months Old

Our little Lilly is 11 months old. It is so hard to believe that next month she will be 1 years old. Time has flown by.
You are such a sweet, sweet little girl. You love to give kisses and lay you head down on our shoulder and cuddle. I have to say that currently you Dad is your favorite. You love him to hold you and when he comes home you crawl so fast to get to him. Of course you love you sister and watch her every move. You don't like her when she grabs toys away from you. I love listening to you all laugh and play with each is precious. You are a great eater and will eat any baby food. We have been giving you table foods as well. You LOVE your bottle and I am having a hard time giving you sippy cups-there is only one type you will drink out of. You take two naps a day and sleep from around7:30/8 to 7 in the morning. You love to play with all of our toys-your favorites are the Leap Frog table, Fisher Price House and the little Kitchen. You love to open and close doors and you try to get into all of the cabinets and when you get into the one that doesn't have a lock on it you pull everything out. You are my little messier. I'm not sure about the walking thing. You love to crawl and when we hold both of your hands to walk you can do it, but then you would rather crawl to get where you need to go. You are starting to stand by yourself for longer periods of time. You also love to dance and when you hear music you start moving all around. It is just so cute. We love you Lilly!!! Happy 11 months!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Child Labor

Yesterday I was trying to cook dinner and Blakely came in and said I want to clean. So I found her a feather duster that I never use and said she could go dust. After about two minutes I found that she got her drum filled it with water and her bath soap and begin mopping the floor. Maybe she has watched Cinderella too much because she doesn't see her mom mop the floor very often. We Love our little innovative daughter!

Hello Kitty Party

Blakely had such a fun time at Lily's (her friend) birthday party. It was a Hello Kitty theme. The girls had such a fun time jumping, playing sticker on the kitty and eating pizza and cupcakes.

Getty Up Cowgirl

Lilly loves riding on the horse. She is becoming such a big girl!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Football Game

Last night we went to the Alma/Van Buren game with the Nutts. The girls had the best time!!! Blakely, Bella and Julia loved dancing and cheering. Lilly loved pointing at everything and saying huh. This morning when Blakely got up she said I want to go to a Razorback game. So I'm sure we will be taking her to one this year. Of course I forgot my camera, but did take some with my phone. I just don't know how to put those on my computer.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What is going on with Lilly?

Well Lilly you are very active these days. You love to get into everything! I pick up after you more than Blakely. You think it is so fun to stand up and let go. I'm not sure if you will walk soon. When I try to walk with you, you just get down on all fours so you can go faster. You are also a little talker these days. You said your first official word a few weeks ago-duck-the same as Blakely and your Daddy. You and Blakely have screaming sessions in the car-for fun! I had to pull over twice yesterday in the car to get on to the both of you. You are definitely a Daddy's girl! When he comes home you want nothing to do with me. You LOVE your Daddy!!! I can't believe on October 12 you will be one! We love you sugars and love getting sloppy kissed from you!

Monday, September 1, 2008

It has been 15 years!

Yes! It has been 15 years since I graduated High School. I really don't feel that old. This weekend we headed to my hometown and got together with several of my old classmates. It was supposed to be a formal reunion, but it ended up just some of us getting together-having a cookout, eating dinner and going out. It was such a great time. Blakely had a fun time swimming and staying with cousins Darby and Zach. Lilly stayed with my mom and dad!

At the cookout

At the Country Club

Blakely Swimming-all of our kids had a fun time!

The Girls

Lori, Tassa, Marilyn, Liz and Me

We Laughed A LOT-telling old stories!!