Friday, September 12, 2008

11 Months Old

Our little Lilly is 11 months old. It is so hard to believe that next month she will be 1 years old. Time has flown by.
You are such a sweet, sweet little girl. You love to give kisses and lay you head down on our shoulder and cuddle. I have to say that currently you Dad is your favorite. You love him to hold you and when he comes home you crawl so fast to get to him. Of course you love you sister and watch her every move. You don't like her when she grabs toys away from you. I love listening to you all laugh and play with each is precious. You are a great eater and will eat any baby food. We have been giving you table foods as well. You LOVE your bottle and I am having a hard time giving you sippy cups-there is only one type you will drink out of. You take two naps a day and sleep from around7:30/8 to 7 in the morning. You love to play with all of our toys-your favorites are the Leap Frog table, Fisher Price House and the little Kitchen. You love to open and close doors and you try to get into all of the cabinets and when you get into the one that doesn't have a lock on it you pull everything out. You are my little messier. I'm not sure about the walking thing. You love to crawl and when we hold both of your hands to walk you can do it, but then you would rather crawl to get where you need to go. You are starting to stand by yourself for longer periods of time. You also love to dance and when you hear music you start moving all around. It is just so cute. We love you Lilly!!! Happy 11 months!!!


Anonymous said...

Lily is a pretty little girl! Just liek mommy! And growing so fast!!

Olivia Grace said...

It is so hard to believe Lily is almost 1!!

Lora said...

Almost 1 year old! Lilly, you are growing up so fast!!!