Monday, August 25, 2008

Blakely's 3rd Birthday Party

Blakely had a great party in the park! Rain or shine!

Blakely you had such a fun time at your party. It was a flower theme held at the park. Your two favorites. When we got there to decorate you asked where are my friends? You were so excited to see your little friends when they got there. It was all little girls. Your friends that attended were Bella, Julia, Lila, Olivia Grace, Caroline, Carlee, Lily, Anna Kate and of course your sister Lilly. The beginning of the party was rainy, but that didn't stop the fun. Everyone enjoyed eating, hitting the pinata, singing Happy Birthday, finally getting to play on the playground and planting flowers. You are still talking about your party. We are so happy that you had such a great time at your was fun to plan. We love you-our 3 year old!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Blakely and Daddy!

Our little Blakely is 3 today and Daddy is 30 something. We had Blakely's party yesterday. I will post about that later. Sorry about not posting lately. I am in the process of changing our blog. I hope by next week the new blog will be ready to go.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lilly is 10 Months Old

On Tuesday Lilly was 10 months old. She is so much fun these days and has the cutest little personality. She is such a sweetie and loves to cuddle. On the other hand she loves to get into everything so she can see what kind of mess she can make.
You love to crawl around and are really fast at it. You love trying to get in the refrigerator when I open the door. You can move across the floor in no time when you hear that door open. You pull up on everything and are starting to cruise furniture. You love to clap your hands and move to the music.
Verbally you love making different sounds. You have said bye, bye and Dada but we are still working on Mama. You can sign language more when eating. You love play with your toys. Your favorites are the fisher price house and the leap frog table. You love playing with your sissy until she gets a little bit to rough with you.
You are eating three meals a day and drinking about 4 bottles-one is a sippy cup. I've got to get better about giving you a sippy cup more. You eat pretty much anything except 3rd foods with meat. We have been getting you some table foods and you really like those too.
You sleep from around 8 until 7 and take two naps a day.
You are definitely our busy body with lots of energy. We love you Lilly!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I Love You Bunches!!

On Saturday we went to Mrs. Sara's baby shower and we took a couple of pictures before we left.
We also went by the Robnett's and got to visit for an hour or so. Next time maybe we can visit longer.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I took Blakely to see the Backyardigans in LR. She had the BEST time and I have to admit it was a really cute show. She was in awe of all the characters and keep asking where they all were when they were not on stage. She got up and danced a couple of times, but most of the time she didn't take her eyes off that stage. She cried when we had to leave and keep telling me I want to go see Tyrone and Tasha. Then she told me next time "I'm going to see Backyardigans with my Daddy, Lilly and Mommy." I told her they might come back again sometime. After we left we went by the Peabody to go look at the ducks and then went to eat some yummy food at the Purple Cow. It was a great mommy and Blakely day. Little miss Lilly got to spend the day with Grammy and Papaw. We miss you Daddy and will see you in a couple of days.


Blakely just finished up gymnastics for the summer. Blakely loved it and has learned so much. She has become a lot braver with doing things and has overall really improved from the first day. Her favorites are the zip line, trapeze and jumping on the trampoline. We will start back in a couple of weeks for the fall. She would like to take dance, but the studio closest to us won't let her start until next year. You have to be 4 by December. So until next year we will take gymnastics.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Bella

Last night we all went to Bella's swim party. Blakely and Lilly had a lot of fun swimming and playing in the sprinklers. Blakely and Daddy had a fun time going down the slides.
Happy 5th Birthday Bella! We love you!!!

5 Year Anniversary

Daniel and I celebrated our 5 Year anniversary on August 1st. We went to Branson for a few days just to relax and spend some much needed time alone. My parents came up and stayed with the girls. We had a lot of fun despite the HOT weather. We even headed down to Eureka Springs to Thorncrown Chapel-that is where we got married. I will try to scan a picture of our wedding if I can. I LOVE that chapel. It is just beautiful. I love you honey and look forward to many more years together.