Monday, July 9, 2012

Making updates again

I'm making Updates!! Yeah!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lilly starts Preschool

Lilly started preschool!  She was so excited about finally being able to go to big school.  She is attending The same school where Blakely went.  She already loves her teacher so much-since it is ME!  Yes, I'm her preschool teacher.  It will be an interesting year with her in my class, since she tends to be a mommy's girl. I'm excited to go back to work part time.  It is a perfect job to be able to still do stuff at Blakely's school and still have Lilly at home in the afternoons.
So excited to start preschool

I'm a preschooler

Having fun on the playground

Love this picture of her

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Peace Sign and Rainbow Birthday Party

Birthday Party Time
The girls shared their party again this year.  We had a peace sign rainbow party theme held at Goody's Frozen Yogurt.  Blakely turned 6 on August 24th and Lilly will turn 4 on October 12.  It is so easy just to go ahead and share their party as long as they don't mind.  Here are a few pictures from their fun day
Cake Table

Lilly's cake made by Sweet Boutique.  The inside was the best part!!

Blakely's Peace sign cake!!  Loved it!

Favor Table

Lilly's Party Favors-gumballs

Blakely's Party Favors-Peace necklaces

Lilly's Birthday Invite

Blakely's Invite

Sweet Sisters

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More Friends

Blakely is six!

Lilly will be four!
Outfits made by SheShe Made

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blakely Starts Kindergarten

Blakely started school today.  She was so excited!  She has been ready for this day for awhile.  Mommy and Daddy not so much. I know she will have so much fun!  I admit I had tears walking out of that room. We are excited about this year and can't wait to see what it holds.
Walking down the hall

Proud Daddy

Excited to see friends on the playground-Blakely and Taylor

Blakely and Cambry

Such a big girl

Blakely and Tatum

Proud mommy with Tears in my eyes

I am a Kindergartener

Loves her backpack and snack bag

Proud Parents

Blakely and Branson

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer 2011

Yes I'm back again!!  I wish that I could keep up with this and I hope that I can.  I've added several pictures from summer 2011-they are in no particular order.  The girls and I had a fun time and were always busy!!  We LOVE summers!!
Starting at Summer at the waterpark

Blakely and Julia
 The following pictures are from Daniel's brother, Sam's wedding.  It was an intimate wedding on July 3rd.  The girls loved it and getting dressed in white.

Aunt Brittany and the girls

Brittany, G-Ma Gina and Sam

Mom and Sons

Nana, Grandpa and the Girls

Uncle Sam and the Girls

Watermelon pictures

Just a day at the pool

Blakely's T-Ball team

Miss Brittany-The girls Swimming teacher

Catching Fireflies

We love Goody's!

Fun day at the pool

Movie time

The girls with their cousins, Colby and Zach-love them!!

Being silly

LOVE them!

watermelon pic with phone

Daniel and I after our day of canoeing

July 4th

The girls with Aunt Linda and G-Ma Gina

July 4th watching fireworks with our friends Rachel and Aubrey

Love these little feet

These girls have been friends since babies.  Now they are off to Kindergarten

School haircut

Digging for crystals


We meet some high school friends at the Lake for a week and had a great time!!

Blakely and Caleb-his mom and I have been friends since we were this age.

Darby and Blakely

Darby and Lilly

At Mimi's Cafe with our cousins

Love these kids

another trip to Silver Dollar City-we meet Nana and had a fun day!

Being Silly

Meeting our Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Long-so exctied

Last Get together before they star kindergarten

Sweet Girls

Build a Bear

Excited about their pink and purple