Sunday, September 4, 2011

Peace Sign and Rainbow Birthday Party

Birthday Party Time
The girls shared their party again this year.  We had a peace sign rainbow party theme held at Goody's Frozen Yogurt.  Blakely turned 6 on August 24th and Lilly will turn 4 on October 12.  It is so easy just to go ahead and share their party as long as they don't mind.  Here are a few pictures from their fun day
Cake Table

Lilly's cake made by Sweet Boutique.  The inside was the best part!!

Blakely's Peace sign cake!!  Loved it!

Favor Table

Lilly's Party Favors-gumballs

Blakely's Party Favors-Peace necklaces

Lilly's Birthday Invite

Blakely's Invite

Sweet Sisters

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More Friends

Blakely is six!

Lilly will be four!
Outfits made by SheShe Made

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