Friday, August 28, 2009

Blakely turns 4

On Monday Blakely turned 4! I can't believe that my little girl is 4. She is such a big girl these days and reminds me all the time that she is big now...hahaha

We had a fun busy day on her birthday+it was Daddy's birthday too. First we headed up to Build A Bear. We had never been and I knew the birthday girl would love it. It was so fun because I didn't tell her we were going-I just told her it was a surprise. When we drove up she was so excited!! She immediately went in and picked out her pink pony-aka pink unicorn. She had the best time doing it. Miss Lilly was there the whole time and just had fun looking around-she didn't even care that she didn't have a bear-so I thought we will wait until she is older to come back for her. Our next surprise was meeting some of our friends at McDonald's. Blakely was excited to play with her friends and eat one of her favorite foods. The kids all enjoyed playing and eating cupcakes.
That night we were busy eating Mexican, Blakely's first soccer practice and pre-school open house. Blakely did take some pictures at dinner-she LOVES taking pictures.
We had a fun special day together and I just LOVE my little girl to pieces. I will write more about all the things she is doing in another post-I'm good to get this one done. Oh, if you were worried about Daddy not getting any celebration-we celebrated on the weekend...hahaha

Stuffing the Pony
Bath Time
So Proud of her Pink Pony-she calls it pony girl
eating with some of her friends
Picture Blakely took of Daddy and Lilly
another picture that Blakely took of Lilly

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blakely's 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Blakely's birthday a week early this year. She actually turns 4 on August 24th. Blakely had the best time at her party. She loves to swim, so we had a swim party. I have a feeling there will be more pool birthday parties in the future...It was just so easy to do. The pool has a kiddie pool, sprinkler pad and slides for all to enjoy. All the kids enjoyed swimming, eating hot dogs and chips, yummy cupcakes, hitting the pinata and eating lots of candy. It was such a great time and I know Blakely had the best time. I can't believe my little girl will be 4 in less than a week. She is such a big girl these days and we just love her to pieces.
I didn't get any pics of grammy, papaw and nana or us for that matter. Sometimes I feel like I need to hire a photographer to take pictures, because you already have so much to do at the party...hahaha

Blakely insisted on cupcakes-I'm glad she did-they were so easy.
Friends at the party
More friends
The "happy" Birthday Girl
The Birthday Invitation
I had these printed at vistaprint on a 4x8 card with a glossy finish-they turned out so cute.
the back of the invitation

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beach Pictures

On Day 4 we spent our day at the beach and then that night we took our beach pictures. Fun times with two little ones. After taking pictures we headed to the wharf, ate, and rode the Ferris wheel. Blakely and Lilly loved it, but I was freaking out the whole time-I use to like riding them, but since having kids it feels like I have more fear.
The Girls Beach 2009
Sweet Sisters
Our Family
Daddy and Lilly
Papaw, Grammy with the grand-kids
My brother Kenny, Terri and Colby
Zach and Darby
Waites Family

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beach Day 3

This day was actually our 6 year wedding anniversary. We got to go out by ourselves that night. We had a wonderful dinner and then we went to the movies. During the day we hung out at the pool and the girls had fun swimming with their cousins. Daniel went on a fishing trip and had lots of fun. I love vacay and wish we were still there.
Miss Lilly loved the pool
Darby, Blakely and Lilly
Darby and Lilly

Proud Swimmer
Colby pushing Lilly around
Miss Cheese
Our little swimmer
Swimming to Darby

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach Day 2

The second day at the beach we spent at the pool. We had fun at the lazy river and playing in the pool. Blakely went down the slide a ton. She even went down the real big one too. I forgot my camera so no pictures of the pool. That night we went to LuLu's. It was fun, but took forever. It started pouring rain when we got out of car so we it least had time to dry off before we ate. Here are some pictures from that night.

Daniel and I
My Mom and Dad
Kenny and Terri
Lilly dancing to the music-she had such a fun time
Miss Blakely-so proud of her braid
Lilly's famous cheese face
The kids at their table-Blakely and Lilly have the best cousins ever.
The girls waiting and waiting
Grammy and the Girls
Lilly watching over as Blakely gets her braid
So excited....excuse the rain water hair
Lilly excited to be at LuLu's
My dad telling a story to a group of people about some bug.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

At the Beach Day 1

Two weeks ago we headed down to Orange Beach for our family vacation. We went with my parents, my brother Kenny and his family Terri and Colby and my niece Darby and nephew Zach. My brother Daryl had to work so he wasn't able to come. We had such a great time and enjoyed every minute of it.

Blakely and Lilly loved the sand and played and played in it. By the end of the day Lilly was laying down it and practically eating it. Silly girl. Blakely loved the ocean! She enjoyed getting in her float and riding the waves. Lilly on the other hand did NOT like the ocean at all. I'm assuming the waves just freaked her out-good thing we had a lot of pools at our resort.

Rolling all in the sand
Sand Girl
The mess she made
The Family out in the ocean
Blakely and Darby
Grammy giving miss Lil some much needed water
enjoying the waves
Loved her name in the sand
Digging in the sand
It's tough being on the beach all day

At Night
Out to Dinner
Darby and Lilly
Colby and Darby
Daniel and I
Terri and KennyMy mom and I