Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

We had a wonderful time at the Popes. Blakely was so excited about Christmas and all the presents. She also loved singing Happy Birthday to Jesus! Lilly loved being held and loved all the people being around her. We are blessed to have two beautiful little girls.

Silver Dollar City

We meet my parents at Silver Dollar City on the way to Daniel's parents. We had such a good time, I wish we could have stayed longer. It was SO crowded!!! I hope we can go back next year.

Christmas Train with the Nutts

We went with the Nutts to ride the train and look at Christmas lights. Blakely loved it. She loves Bella and Julia. Lilly enjoyed looking at the lights too.

Lilly and her Bumbo

Lilly likes to sit in her bumbo. She enjoys watching Blakely play.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Early Christmas Present

Grammy and Papaw made a visit to help mommy do some things and plus bring Blakely and Lilly part of their Christmas present. They gave you and Lilly a picnic table. Blakely of course loves it. We will keep it inside until it starts getting warmer. Blakely has already eaten all of her meals there and has done art projects. What a great gift!!!

My Lilly

Blakely absolutely loves her sissy. She loves to give her kisses and hugs and for the most part is very gentle. When other kids come around Lilly she starts saying, "my Lilly, my Lilly." When Lilly cries she attempts to give Lilly her passie or blankee. When I am changing Lilly's diaper, Blakely gives me one. Last night I left both kids and went to a Women's League Christmas auction and Daniel said the Blakely was very persistent about giving Lilly a bottle. This was the first time Lilly had actually even had a bottle-so I think Daddy had to take over. The sweetest thing is B gets her baby dolls and holds them so sweet and rocks them back and forth, pats their bottom and says my baby mommy. What a blessing to have such a great big sis and a wonderful little helper.Pictures:Blakely loves the camera these days. Santa brought momma an early present-a new camera and Blakely has been playing around with our old one. She loves looking at the pictures on the back and will say things like, that is so funny mommy. We had a fun time saying cheese.Blakely loves to play dress up so she had to put sunglasses on Lilly. Blakely was worn out last night and feel asleep with the sunglasses on...funny girl.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2 Months Old

Wow! You are already two months old. You are changing so much everyday. You are very alert and love to look at people and especially the fan. You have the cutest smile and are starting to coo and babble. When I took you to the Doctor the nurse couldn't believe how alert you were and how much you were smiling and watching her. She said most babies aren't like that until around four months. She said you were advanced for your age. I told her you just had a strong personality and told her she should see you when you are mad.
Eating: You are such a great eater. During the day you can go 3 hours, but in the evening between 2 and 3. You are still being breastfeed. I have been pumping to get you use to the bottle so when I do have to leave you won't be so upset.
Sleeping: Well I can say that last night you went to sleep around 10:30, sleep until 3:30-ate-and then sleep until 7. This was the first time you woke up only once, most of the time you wake up twice. Let's say a prayer that you will continue to follow last night’s schedule. During the day you are on the Eat-Play-Sleep schedule.
Play: This past month you have changed your mind and decided that you like your swing. You also like the bouncy seat. You also love to lay on the floor and move around. You also love to grab objects and you don't let go. Last week you got a hold of Blakely's hair and pulled it out-lets just say we had tears. I keep the hair and took a picture. WOW!!
Weight: 12 lbs 85%Height: 22 inches 75% Reflux: You are still taking medicine, but I only give you the zantac when needed. I hope that you will grow out of it. I also have quit drinking milk and not having a whole lot of dairy. This really has seem to help with the fussiness. The other night I had ice cream and the next day you cried a lot. So no ice cream for mommy until I am done nursing you. You are going to get your shots next week. We thought that insurance would cover them, but they only cover a certain amount of money a year, so we will have to take you to the health clinic for shots. ughhHappy 2 months Lilly! We love you!
Pictures: Aunt Marianne(who has been a nurse forever) got you your very own baby scrubs-so cute.I also included one of our pottery. Turned out great!If you go to the website below you can see two pics of Lilly when she was a week old. Go to portfolio and L is the one with butterlies all around her and the one with her blanket and ribbon that says from God.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Photo Shoot

I attempted to take pictures of the girls for our Christmas cards. Here are a few we didn't use. Blakely loves looking at our tree and asking what each ornament is. She especially loves the circus one-since we went to one this past year. She also loves her little tree in her room. When we first put it up she gave it kisses and hugs. Oh the love of Christmas!!! Lilly also enjoyed the flash of the camera-she didn't even cry at all and actually feel asleep. It is hard to believe that she will be 2 months old this week. I will update with her 2 months stats later this week.

My First Smile

Lilly first started to smile during Thanksgiving. I finally got in on camera. She is a sweet little girl!
I also added a picture of Lilly's baby announcement. WOW! She has grown!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Our "trips" to see Santa

We made 2 trips to see Santa. Saturday we tried to go to Breakfast with Santa that Women’s League was doing, but it was so crowded we decided to go to the mall. Blakely did not want to sit in Santa's lap at all. Lilly of course didn't mind. Blakely did take a sucker from Santa. Today we went with the Nutts and Blakely watched Bella sit right on Santa's lap and Blakely jumped on with sucker in hand (the 2nd sucker from Santa). She even told Santa what she wanted for Christmas: a cycle(tri-cycle), princess(dress up clothes), crown, shoes and doll. After our trip to the mall we took all the girls to paint Christmas plates. It was too hectic to take pictures. Blakely painted her own little ornament. She keep wanting more paint. I'm sure it will turn out beautiful. I'll take pics of our pottery and post it later. Christmas season is so much fun this year with our two girls!!!