Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Unfortunately your first Halloween is rainy. It looks like it is going to rain all day long - no trick or treating this year. We hope that everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Meeting Aunt Michelle

Blakely you got to meet Aunt Michelle! She was so excited to finally meet you. She had to come to Fort Smith for work. We got to spend the afternoon with her. When we went to Chili's you weren't very happy while we were trying to eat. You were tired and just couldn't get comfortable to take a nap. Finally, you were better after some food and a little nap and then you were able to play with Aunt Michelle. I think that Darby and Zach (your cousins) were a little upset that their mom got to meet you first and not them. You will get to meet them at Thanksgiving. Thanks Aunt Michelle for a great afternoon.

Two Months Old

Blakely today you are 2 months old. It is hard to believe that you have been with us for two months. It seems like yesterday that we brought you home. You have really been a true blessing to us. We have so much fun with you and can’t wait for more exciting times to come. Today you had to go to your 2-month visit. Dr. Cheshier says you are doing great. He said that you are growing so much and doing everything a 2-month old should be doing. You smile, kick your legs, move your arms all around, focus on moving objects and are turning your head to sounds. You are truly a happy baby. Here is how much you have grown.Weight: 11 pounds, 2 ouncesHeight: 23 ½ inches long You also had to get your first round of shots. You were so brave. I think that I cried more than you did. I didn’t think it would upset me that bad, but I hated seeing you scream and cry like that. I know it will be better the next time. Baby Blakely we love you and look forward to seeing you grow even more.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

What a View!

Yesterday we took a trip to Fayetteville to eat with Debbie and Mark. Happy Birthday Mark!! We decided that we would take Old Hwy. 71 to see the fall colors. Unfortunately the trees haven’t really turned yet or we just haven’t got enough rain. We stopped at Artist Point (10 miles or so north of our house) to look at the view and take pics. I know one day you will enjoy going there to look at the beautiful mountains. While we were there you had your first accident and hopefully your last. Someone hit our car in the parking lot. Luckily they were just backing up and it didn’t hurt you or anyone else. Your dad was so funny! He got out and started snapping pictures of the car. I just had to include them. I think that he took at least 10 pictures. He was so funny and maybe a little mad.Blakely-one day when you read this ask me about the Target trip – you will get a great story about your dad and the lovely managers of Target. Love you baby girl!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Daddy Showing you Off

Finally, we are getting back to normal. Blakely, your dad and me were both under the weather this week. Mine was a cold and your dad had problems with his wisdom teeth being pulled. I think we are all finally feeling better. Yesterday I took you to your dad’s work for a shower that they gave us. It was fun showing you off. Your daddy was so proud. He smiled so much that his mouth hurt a lot after the party. Of course you were the perfect angel. We got a lot of great gifts. Thank you everyone at Simmons for such a good time. Monday you get to go to the doctor for your 2-month visit. I am anxious to see how much you have grown. I can really tell in your diapers. The velcro doesn’t go over as much as it did a week ago. I think that you are going to have to have some shots when you go see Dr. Cheshier. I don't know if I will be able to watch them do it. Hopefully your dad will be able to go with us to help us get through it. Check next week for Blakely's 2 month up date.

Friday, October 14, 2005

What a Week

Well this week has been interesting Blakely. First, I want to thank you for celebrating my 31st Birthday with me. YOU were the only gift that I wanted or needed. I love you! Your dad and I call each other Bubby so that is why the cake says Happy Birthday Bubby! We also went to Van Buren to the Fall Fest. Your dad and I had a really fun time with you! Then, I got sick! Mastitis!! It was horrible. I felt so bad because I couldn’t take care of you as well as I would have liked. Luckily that only lasted 2 ½ days and then I was pretty much back to normal. Next, your Grammy came up to help us out because your dad had to get his wisdom teeth pulled. Well she came a day early and we went crafting in NWA. We went to War Eagle with Auntie Debbie. Debbie-that chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick was awesome! We had a really great time! You were so good the whole time and never cried. The only thing is you had on the blue fish outfit and everyone thought you were a boy! It even has an orange bow on it with an adorable hat. We ended up taking it off because you got too hot. So today when we took Dad to get his surgery I made sure that you had a pink bow in your hair. Grammy we want to thank you for all your help. We love you! Hopefully next week it will be back to normal at the Pope household, but both your Dad and I feel like we are getting a cold. Ughh!!!; Pictures are the week in review!

Friday, October 7, 2005

Starting To Smile

Blakely you are such a great baby. I put you in your bed so I could do some things around the house and you were just talking and looking all around so I had to go and get my camera. You SMILED when I took your picture. It was so wonderful. You are starting to have that gorgeous grin and that makes us smile so much. We love you Blakely!! Mom and Dad

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Family Pics

I wanted to add some pictures of some of your family that you have met. They all love you so much!* 4 Generations - I am so happy that your Granny Liz was able to meet you. This picture means so much to me.* Grammy and PaPaw (my parents) They are so proud!* Grandpa Rick and you - Happy Grandpa!* Nana and You - She is so happy to have a little girl!* Aunt Terri- You were four days old when Uncle Kenny, Aunt Terri and Colby came to see you.* Your Cousin ColbyBlakely you still have lots of family members to meet. We can't wait for the holidays!

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Shopping Day

Last Friday you went to take pictures at Legacy House. They turned out to be so cute. You did such a great job taking pictures. We also went to visit OHMS. That is where mommy use to work. I loved it there. Hopefully one day your mom will be able to teach there again. Everyone loved you. You sleep the whole time as you got passed from person to person. Then Debbie, you and I went shopping. That is one of my favorite things to do. I am sure one day you will love it too. Here is a pic of you and Debbie and one where it looks like you are the dancing queen. Speaking of dancing that is one thing that I also love to do. I hope you will also have that love. As soon as you get old enough we will have to sign you up for dance classes.

Monday, October 3, 2005

First Entry

Well this begins a new journey for Blakely. This is a new and up to date way to journal Blakely's moments. We hope that all who visit her site will enjoy watching as our wonderful baby girl grows up. Blakely you blessed our lives on August 24, 2005. God could have not given us a more perfect gift. You weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces and were 21 inches long. Your whole name is Blakely Elizabeth Pope. We named you after your Great Granny Liz (Elizabeth) and a beautiful sweet young girl that I used to watch at a daycare in college. I just fell in love with the name Blakely and I knew it would be perfect for you. You had quite a bit of dark hair. Luckily I didn't really have to experience labor. We had a planned C-Section. Your Dad and I planned it on your dad's birthday, so he got the best present ever. When we first saw you baby girl, we had so many tears of joy and happiness. We couldn't believe that our loving savior could give us such a perfect gift. That day will always be such a blessing to us. As you grow we only hope that you will live life to the fullest, inspire those around you, chase your dreams and let God guide you into the direction he has chosen for you. We love you Blakely! Mom and Dad