Friday, May 29, 2009

Uncle Sam and MO visit

Uncle Sam (Daniel's Brother) is headed off the Iraq in a couple of weeks. We took a long weekend visit a couple of weeks ago to go see him, Nana and Grandma. We all had a great time, especially the girls. Here are a few pics from our weekend.
Uncle Sam, Blakely and Lilly
The Brothers and the Girls
Sam and Daniel
The girls in Grandpa's Car
She is such a mess-can't imagine what a picture like this will look like in 14 more years.
Blakely on Grandpa's New Boat
Lilly-can't wait to go back this summer for more adventures on the lake
Lilly at Bridal Cave-that was an adventure with her
Blakely in the cave

Lilly's First Pigtails

When we were in MO a couple of weeks ago, Lillly supported some cute little pigtails. She doesn't have much hair, but I just couldn't wait for the pig tails. :-)
Little Miss Priss

So cute and short

Monday, May 25, 2009

Me and the girls

I love my girls so, so much! God has blessed me being their mother. They are the sweetest little girls and I couldn't be any happier saying they are mine.
Blakely and Mommy-Mother's Day 2009

Lilly and Mommy Mother's Day 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gymnastics take two

Blakely (we) took a break from gymnastics a couple of months ago. We decided to start back up since she can go to a class where I don't have to help her. She is doing really well and she says her favorite thing to do is the beam. This class is a lot different than mommy and me. They really are trying to teach them a lot of skills. I've already asked Blakely if she wants to take gymnastics or dance next fall and she says dance. I just don't know if we can handle her taking both-we will have to see.
attempting to do a bridge-back bend
Handstand with help from Ms. Joanna
learning how to do a cartwheel with Mr. Mike

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dance Recital

Last Saturday we went to Darby's dance recital with my mom. Of course Darby did wonderful! The girls loved it and did really well watching it. Blakely keep getting up and dancing around-I think she is ready for those dance lessons. Lilly just watched and took it all in. Blakely and Lilly love their cousins and enjoy being with them-we wish they lived closer.

Leaving to go to the recital
Blakely and Zach-They had so much fun playing together
The girls
The girls loved staying in a hotel!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kris Allen

On Friday the girls and I headed south for Darby's dance recital and decided to take a detour. Yes, I am an American Idol fan-honestly I haven't watched the past couple of seasons, but since one of our own is on the show I of course I had to watch this season. We went to Conway to the parade and it was CRAZY!!! So many people and so very, very hot. We went with Rhonda, Abigail and Brady-Blakely had lots of fun with them. I did get to shake Kris' hand after he had gotten in the car to start the parade. :-) We tried to stay for the mini concert, but the kids were getting so hot and wanted to get something to drink. I'm glad we got to go, because it was a great to be part of the American Idol phenomenon.
Thanks to Scott for keeping the youngest ones at home.
Abigail, Brady and Blakely-waiting on Kris Allen-yes Blakely knows who he is-the singer from the singing show-when she got in the car she said "mommy, I love Kris Allen." Silly girl-I think she might have heard Abigail say it.
Just started the parade

One of many signs

Rhonda and I leaving the parade
Kris' Car

ALL of the people at the parade

Getting ready to start the parade