Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gymnastics take two

Blakely (we) took a break from gymnastics a couple of months ago. We decided to start back up since she can go to a class where I don't have to help her. She is doing really well and she says her favorite thing to do is the beam. This class is a lot different than mommy and me. They really are trying to teach them a lot of skills. I've already asked Blakely if she wants to take gymnastics or dance next fall and she says dance. I just don't know if we can handle her taking both-we will have to see.
attempting to do a bridge-back bend
Handstand with help from Ms. Joanna
learning how to do a cartwheel with Mr. Mike

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kpmantooth said...

I have NO idea how Mom & Dad carted us around to all of our activities. I do know that I was suddenly in charge of carpooling Jed & Sarah when I turned 16... :)