Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh My Goodness

Well Blakely is such an explorer these days. Take a look at the pics below. This is what happened while I was nursing Lilly.Picture 1-A new tube of lipstick (it was a free bonus one it least)Picture 2-My beautiful lipstick on my beautiful oldest daughterPicture 3-Not so pretty tube of lipstick

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

We celebrated Easter at our house this year. The girls woke up to goodies from the Easter bunny. Then we all get ready for church. Blakely was very excited to put on her new Easter dress. Our church had an Easter egg hunt and luckily Blakely didn't have to fight off any adults. She had so much fun! Her proudest egg was the one Taylor (the girl in the pic with B) gave her. She also enjoyed eating all the candy. Lilly was showing off for everyone. She has found her little voice and enjoys happy screaming. Our pastor Sarah loved holding Lilly (see the adorable pic). We found out Sarah is leaving and moving to a different church and we just hate that she won't be there anymore. We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and celebrated our Risen King!

Joys of Lilly

Yesterday our Pastor Sarah was talking about Joys and Fears and one of her joys was the Joys of Lillies. So of course I was thinking about our little Lilly. She is such a joy to us and is such a sweet baby. She only woke up once last night-so I am so proud!!!! Here are some pics of her cute little face. She is starting to sit up for short periods of time. Yeah for Lilly!!

Easter Egg Hunt at the Park

Saturday we went to the park for an Easter egg hunt. It was very crazy to say the least. There were so many people. They had different areas for each age I thought Blakely would get lots of eggs. Well it was a mad house to get those eggs. Blakely had to fight off insane parents. Yes! I said parents. I have never seen parents act that way. They were grabbing eggs like crazy. Blakely did get 2 whole eggs and she was very proud of those two. Some kids were crying, because they didn't get any. Don't think we will go next year. Our little Lilly enjoyed just sitting and watching all the madness.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Bunny

Here is our pic from the Easter Bunny the other day. Lilly enjoyed sitting on his lap and Blakely enjoyed sitting on the stool.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lila Elizabeth is here!!

Our great friends Debbie and Mark's baby came yesterday. It has been a long road for the both of them and Lila is a true blessing to them both. We are extremely happy for you all and pray that God will continue to provide strength and blessings to you both-especially the next 10 days. Oh Yeah...She is a perfect beautiful healthy baby. Blakely and Lilly can't wait to see their new friend Lila.

Easter Party

We had a great Easter Party at the Silvey's yesterday. The girls enjoyed playing dress up, hunting for Easter eggs and eating the most adorable cupcakes. Thanks for a fun time!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun at the Mall

We went to play at the mall with our friends Ms.Lindsay, Lily and Colton-(see smith family on blog roll). The Smith's Lily is a few weeks younger than Blakely-they had a fun time together. Our Lilly and Colton are 4 months apart. They had fun looking at each other. We also took a visit to see the Easter Bunny. I took my old camera and it quit working when we were visiting the bunny. I will have to scan our picture they took from the mall. Blakely wouldn't sit on the bunny's lap, but did sit on the little stool-by the Easter bunny-she really wanted a sucker. We will definitely have to play together more often.

Visit with our Texas Friends

The Harshbargers came up to visit their family and came over for the afternoon to see us. The kids had a great time playing outside and Blakely and Carson had fun taking a bath together. It was great to see you guys.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Blakely and Lilly had a fun time playing with Olivia Grace, Caroline and Carlee. We enjoyed eating at the mall and playing at the park. Thanks girls for the help at the mall... Blakely had a little accident. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Monday, March 10, 2008


All I have to say is WOW!!! Annie was so great. All the performers were excellent and of course Darby was so, so wonderful!!!! Blakely absolutely loved it. Many times shouted "it's Annie, it's Annie" or sang Tomorrow. She did get a little ancy (it was about 2 hours long), but for the most part she truly enjoyed herself. After the show we went backstage to see Darby and she had already taken off her costume, so Blakely just thought she was seeing Darby. So the next day they had another performance and we wanted to take pictures of her as Annie. Well Blakely was completely star struck. She was in total awe and finally realized it was Darby. She did continue to say "Annie, Annie." When we left she said "bye Annie." It was adorable to see her expressions during all of this. Since the musical she is really singing everywhere. Yesterday we went to Target and she sang the whole time. Various songs include ABC's, Happy Birthday, and Tomorrow. My mom said it sure wasn't hard to find us in the store. Darby we are so proud of you and can't wait to see you in another performance!!!! Look out Broadway!!!Lilly had a babysitter and enjoyed her time with Ms. Taylor.

Happy Birthday Zach!!

We got to celebrate Zach's birthday this weekend. Blakely loved seeing and being around her cousin Zachy. Happy Birthday Zachy was sung many times. These are some pictures from our birthday lunch for Zach. Blakely and Lilly loved spending time with Uncle Daryl, Darby and Zach.

Fun With Grammy and Papaw

Before heading to go see Darby in Annie we went to Grammy and Papaws. We braved the snow and drove down on Thursday. It snowed on us on the way there and then it started snowing later that night at their house. Blakely was on her second round of antibiotics, so we didn't venture outside. I brought some snow inside and we made a mini snowman. Blakely was so proud. Grammy and Papaw enjoyed both the girls. Let's just say wherever Lilly was...Blakely was not far behind. We are having some jealousy issues going on.