Monday, August 28, 2006

My First Birthday Party

You had your first Birthday party on Saturday. You had such a good time with your family and friends. We had a duck theme for your party. You enjoyed eating your cake, playing with all of your friends, getting into the kiddie pool and holding on to all of the balloons. Blakely you loved all of your new toys. Eating your own little cake was great. You just keep eating it and eating it. We really want to thank everyone for coming to the party and being so giving to Blakely. We especially want to thank your great Grandma Jenna for coming. It was so special for her to be there.

12 Months Old

Wow Blakely! We can't believe that you are one. It seems like you have been with us forever. This past year has been wonderful and we look forward to the next year as you begin to learn more and more.
Stats:Weight: 20 lbs 6 ozHeight: 30 1/2 inches
Clothes: 12 months, size 3 diaper
Teething: still have six teeth
Movement: This past month you started crawling and started getting into everything. We thought you would skip crawling, but you just took you time until you wanted to do it. You pull up on everything and cruise all around. I honestly think it will be a couple of months before you begin walking. You are fearful of just hanging on with one hand when we are walking with you.
Eating: You eat almost everything. I still give you 3rd foods cereal, but everything else is table food or toddler food. You love scrambled eggs, toast, any fruit, peas, carrots and green beans. I really could list almost any food. We are so glad you are a good eater.
Talking: You are saying a lot of new words. You try to repeat what we are saying. If I ask you to come here you can crawl to me. You will bring me some of you toys if I ask you. There are times I think you have your own little conversation with yourself. You love to say Bye Bye! Anytime we walk toward the garage you start saying it.
Toys/Books/Activity: You got a lot of new toys for your b-day. We can't wait to start playing with them. You still love balls and are really good at throwing them. Your dad thinks that one day you will be the star soccer player. You love putting things in boxes and then taking them out. You love books and are starting to want me to read the same book over and over. You like to watch TV. You love the DoodleBops and Elmo.
Blakely we look forward to the next year with all the exciting changes that you will have. We love you so so much and are so proud of you.
Oh by the way you have turned into a daddy's girl. When your daddy comes home you want nothing to do with me and you want everything to do with your daddy. It makes your daddy so proud.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday!

We love you so much sweetheart and want to thank you for the best year ever. I will write more later about things going on and about your party that is this Saturday! One picture is from a year ago and the other are from today. You have a cold and are feeling miserable, but it sure didn't stop you from eating some of your daddy's cookie cake.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Princess Blakely

Blakely you are such a little princess. We love you!!!We can't believe that you will be one on Thursday!

Week at Mrs. Debbie's

Last week we stayed with Mrs. Debbie and Mr. Mark. Mommy had to go to some teacher meetings so Mrs. Debbie watched you. Mommy is going back to work for just two days a week. You had such a fun time playing with Max (their dog), crawling and trying to get to Debbie's computer, and you also tried eating a lemon and loved it. Thank you so much Debbie and Mark for letting us stay and especially thank you Debbie for watching Blakely. We love you guys!!!

Saturday, August 5, 2006

I can Crawl!

Blakely you can crawl! We really thought you would skip crawling since you are pulling up and cruising around. Yesterday we went to Bella's Birthday party and you just started crawling. Ryan Tallent was at the Nutts and he was crawling all around you and then I think you just decided "Hey, I am going to crawl too." You had a big audience and everyone one was cheering for you. We are so proud of you Blakely!!!Copy and Paste the link below to see a video of Blakely crawling.