Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Blankie

Blakely you have to have your pink blankie when you are trying to go to sleep. You are so funny with it. You stuff it in your mouth and then it usually stays there while you are sleeping. If I try to move your blankie you wake up. You are so cute.

Friday, March 24, 2006

7 Months Old

Blakely you are doing so much these days. It seems like this month has flown by. Here are some things you are doing.
*Height – 27 inches*Weight - close to 18 lbs (not very accurate since I weighed you and not the Dr.)*Clothes/Diapers - size 6 - 9 or 12; size 3 diapers
*Eating: you are eating oatmeal in the morning and eating various foods at night; I am still nursing you, but I also give you about 2 bottles of formula a day; you have now tried peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce, bananas, pears, peaches, you have not turned down any food-we are so glad you are not a picky eater.
*Toys/Activities/Books: you love your Jumperoo and Intellitainer; you like to play on the floor with all of your toys; you want to put everything in your mouth; you love anything that makes sound; you love when we sing to you – “This is the way…” is one of your favorites; you love to be in the stroller, especially at the mall-just like your mommy; you love baby Einstein videos; you enjoy bath time in the big tub with mommy and all the bubbles; when mommy and daddy dance in front of you-you get the biggest smile; you are enjoying books; you love when we read any book; your favorite is the one we read to you before bed time-“Hush Little Ones.”
*Movement: you love to sit-you always want to see what is going on; you scoot your body to get to your toys; you will roll around but it is not one of your favorite things to do; you are still not a big fan of being on your belly.
*Sleeping: you are such a good sleeper; you take about 3 naps a day and usually go to bed around 7:30 and wake up between 6:00 and 7:00; there are a few days when you do wake up at 5:00, you eat and then go back to sleep. Something funny that you do is stuff your blankie in your mouth until you fall asleep…it must taste so good.
*Talking: you say dada all the time and babble a lot; we are really working on mama.
*This past month you have had two colds. We hope you get rid of those nasty colds soon.
Blakely, you continue to bring so much happiness in our lives. We love you so much pea potters and love watching you grow.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Mother's Day Out

On Wednesday you went to Mother's Day Out for the first time. They said that you were so perfect and that you were such a great baby. I am sure that you loved watching all of the kids. I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself so I came home to do some hair coloring, washed clothes and thought about you the whole time. I am sure next time I will feel more comfortable about taking you to MDO since you were so perfect for them. Love you baby girl!

Sunday, March 5, 2006

A Visit to Central AR

Last week you went to see your Grammy and PaPaw. Your Grammy had knee surgery so we went to help. She said that you were the best medicine she could have ever had. Unfortunately you got sick. You had a cold with a bad cough. It was not fun, but toward the end of the week you started acting like yourself. You also enjoyed your first candle light dinner-due to the power outage on Thursday. You didn't seem to mind just as long as you got some food. You seem to like anything that we give you. I am glad you are not a picky eater like your mom. Hopefully you will be like you dad in the department. We had a great time seeing you Grammy and PaPaw! We also made a visit to see my college friend Laura and her two girls, Katie and Chloe. You had a fun time with Katie. Baby Chloe is only a month old so next time we visit hopefully you will be able to play with her too.We also went to LR zoo with Celeste, Walt and Audrey. You had a good time. I think your favorite part of the zoo was Walt and Audrey. They gave you so much attention. Then we meet Rhonda and Scott at the Purple Cow for lunch. It was great seeing everyone.

Fun Pictures

Here are some fun pictures from this week. You love to be outside! We went walking/strolling a couple of times this week and you and your Daddy watched the sunset together - Chloe was checking you out!This week you have eaten squash, bananas and applesauce. You are doing so well with eating baby food. You love going to church because you get so much attention from everyone. This coming week we are going to Grammy and PaPaw's. I am sure you will have such a fun time.