Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Blakely and her friend Cambry before dance classIMG_1586 Blakely started back to dance this year.  She couldn’t wait to start going to dance class again-except she calls it dance recital every time we go to class.  During her first class they called me on the phone to see if she could move up to the older class.  They thought that she was ready to do jazz and told me she does so well at listening to what she is supposed to do.  So she is now taking ballet, tap and jazz.  She was excited because they moved her two friends up too, Cambry and Taylor.  After her first jazz class she told me she had lots of fun and really liked it. 

First Day of Pre-K

Blakely started her first day of Pre-K several weeks ago.  She is still going to the same school as last year.  She loves going, but really wanted to go to Kindergarten when she turned 5.   She has several friends who are in her class and the other class-so I think in a month or so she will get over about not going to Kindergarten.

This was on open house nightIMG_1549   Blakely and her teacher, Mrs. TraceyIMG_1575 Blakely before SchoolIMG_1570 Blakely and her backpack-she also got her hair chopped off that day-so last picture with long hairIMG_1571 Blakely and Lilly-she was sad that she didn’t get to stay-she will go next yearIMG_1572Blakely and her good friend, Julia IMG_1574

Monday, September 27, 2010

Blakely’s Birthday Dinner and Day

Only a month behind…Just have been so busy with school starting back, girls activities and card business.  These are pictures from Blakely’s actual birthday.  During the day we went swimming with Olivia Grace, Annalyse and Mrs. Leslie-the girls had the best time!!  That night we went to eat birthday dinner at Cheddars-we celebrated Blakely and Daddy’s Birthday.   Blakely was so upset that they didn’t sing Happy Birthday to her-they don’t do that there.  She and Lilly both loved the monster cookie sundae-so that made it better.  I still can’t believe that my baby is 5!

All Smiles from this 5 Year OldIMG_1537Such a sweetheart with all her silly bandz Blakely and MommyMommy and My 5 Year Old Blakely and Olivia GraceIMG_1524Being SillyIMG_1536Having fun in the water  IMG_1535

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday Time

I’m so behind on blogging-every time I get on the computer it seems I’m making cards, birth announcements, etc… I just haven’t had time to update my personal blog.  So I’m making the time today to do it before I forget stuff. 

So  this year we decided to to join the girls parties together-I’m so glad we did-even though they are almost 2 months apart.  It was nice to get everything done and now I don’t have to worry about another party in October-which is crazy month for us anyway.  So a pool party was already planned, but the girls had two different themes.  Blakely had mermaids and Lilly had fairies-aka Tinker Bell.  Well of course it hasn’t rained in weeks or maybe months…who knows, but it decided to rain and storm 15 minutes before the party started and it continued to thunder for the next 30 minutes-so the rule is that you can’t swim until 30 minutes after the thunder has stopped….ughhh.  Well there was no swimming involved at the girls swim party.  So we moved on to plan b-there was actually no plan b but hey the kids didn’t know that.  We ate, did cupcakes, opened presents and then out of nowhere came the camp site person with his banjo to save the party.  He sang great kid songs and the kids danced and had the best time-Yeah for the mysterious banjo player-you were a life saver.  Then we decided to move the party to the play area and of course after being there 5 or so minutes another downpour comes-so party was over early, but I think everyone had a great time.  I know the girls had a wonderful time.  We did have a few melt downs over presents-aka Lilly, but it was great sharing their party since they are so young.  I think we might do it again next year.

Blakely and Her Jessie-from my mom and dadIMG_1445 Lilly and her Buzz from my mom and dadIMG_1447Birthday GirlsIMG_1454Rachel and Blakely IMG_1451 Sweet Girls-Bella, Aubrey, Rachel, Blakely and LillyIMG_1453  Bryzen and AubreyIMG_1457 Little LillyIMG_1459Anna Kate and Caroline IMG_1462 A little shy with all the singing just to herIMG_1472  Making a wishIMG_1474 Not sure want to thinkIMG_1480

She liked blowing it out thoughIMG_1478Our neighbors the Browns IMG_1481 Julia, Tatum and BlakelyIMG_1487 Anna Kate, Olivia Grace, Caroline, Carlee and AubreyIMG_1488 Opening PresentsIMG_1493 Our Little Melt Down-over a present of courseIMG_1494 and more presents…IMG_1495I love this sweet little picture  IMG_1503 The two Lilly’s-we call her big Lillie but her name is actually Lillian-look at her precious face.IMG_1509  The Life Saver of the Party-The Banjo PlayerIMG_1510All the girls having funIMG_1519  Enjoying the musicIMG_1515  Some songs they knew and some they didn’t, but they didn’t seem to care.IMG_1516   Our little dancerIMG_1514Thanks so much to Jennifer for taking pictures at the party it was so nice not having to worry about taking pictures!!!

Below are all the decoration pictures

Blakely’s Birthday InvitationMermaid CardThe Back of Blakely’s Cardblakely 5 back  Blakely’s Thank You CardsMermaid TY Lilly’s Birthday InvitationFairy B-day Invite Lilly’s Thank You CardFairy TYMy attempt at making a cupcake stand with the cupcake toppersIMG_1466 Flower Bell Wand FavorsIMG_1521 Mermaid Bottle Cap Necklace Favors-Brown haired girls had brown hair-boys had piratesIMG_1523 The Wands at the party Lilly’s Birthday BannerIMG_1449 Blakely’s Birthday BannerIMG_1450