Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Day of Pre-K

Blakely started her first day of Pre-K several weeks ago.  She is still going to the same school as last year.  She loves going, but really wanted to go to Kindergarten when she turned 5.   She has several friends who are in her class and the other class-so I think in a month or so she will get over about not going to Kindergarten.

This was on open house nightIMG_1549   Blakely and her teacher, Mrs. TraceyIMG_1575 Blakely before SchoolIMG_1570 Blakely and her backpack-she also got her hair chopped off that day-so last picture with long hairIMG_1571 Blakely and Lilly-she was sad that she didn’t get to stay-she will go next yearIMG_1572Blakely and her good friend, Julia IMG_1574

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