Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dance, Dance, Dance

Blakely took Ballet, Tap and Jazz this year.  We were so proud of her. She did such a wonderful job.  She does love dance and will take again next year. 

Rehearsal Time

Blakely and CambryDSC_0953DSC_0956Lilly danced out in the aisles the whole time at the rehearsal.  She is such a hoot.  She can’t wait to star dance this fall.DSC_0962DSC_0963Dress Rehearsal Day

Blakely’s Ballet Class2010-2011 Ballet classBlakely’s Tap and Jazz Class2010-2011 Dance ClassBlakely and her sweet friend, CambryBlakely and CambryA few girls ready for tapA few friendsSweet BallerinasBlakely and Cambry BalletBlakely and her friend, TaylorBlakely and TaylorSo sweetBlakely BallettReady to DanceDSC_1042Doing JazzDSC_1044DSC_1064Day of the show

Julia and BlakelyDSC_1078Proud Mommy


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Silver Dollar City and Shower

We went to Silver Dollar city on Saturday and went to Sam(Daniel's brother) and Brittney’s shower.  It was a quick trip to SDC, but nevertheless the girls had a great time.  Then we headed to the shower in the park.  The girls had fun seeing everyone and then playing at the park.  We are excited to have another Aunt in the family.

At Silver Dollar City108109115Nana and BlakelyDSC_0928Lilly and NanaDSC_0930Lilly and Grandma VirginiaDSC_0931Me and the GirlsDSC_0947_edited-1Blakely took this of Daniel and IDSC_0936Brittney and SamDSC_0945

Friday, May 6, 2011

First T-Ball Game

Blakely loves T-ball!  She has had a wonderful time playing and learning new things.  DSC_0904Miss 6DSC_0905Our Batting GirlDSC_0906Still miss SassyDSC_0907Cheering SisterDSC_0908I love this picture of her-so her personalityDSC_0909DSC_0911Blakely’s favorite part of the game-hitting the other team hands and telling them good game.DSC_0912

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Since January I have been training to run a 5k.  I really wanted to just say that I did it.  It was hard, but a very rewarding experience.  The pictures below are from my 2nd 5k.   I ran on on the 16th of April-and man it was hard!  I have to admit I had tears crossing the finish line.  I ran the entire way-except for a little hill-about 30 seconds.  I ran my second one on April 30th.  I knew what to expect from the first one, but man there were a lot of serious runners in the group-very intimidating.  I think there were over a 1000 people. It was a fun race, but I pulled my hamstring and was in a lot of pain for about a week.  I’ve learned that running is a mind over body experience.  There were lots of praying and praising during this whole experience.  I plan on doing another 5k in the fall.

My wonderful friend Tiffany and I.  She really motivated me to keep going.078My two great friends from college-they cheered me on at the end!079