Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We headed to MO to visit Daniel's family. We had a fun, busy weekend. Me, Nana and the girls went shopping Saturday and Sunday and got a lot of great deals and some cute clothes. The girls really handled shopping at the outlets fairly well, considering that Blakely didn't have a nap. Nana did tell me there is no way you could go shopping with the both of them by yourself and I totally agreed...Daniel and his brother, Sam enjoyed fishing and canoeing. Uncle Sam is headed to Army boot camp this week so we wanted to make sure we got to see him before he left. Blakely loves playing with her Uncle Sam!! One day Lilly will enjoy chasing him around too. We also got to hang out with the Bates Family Sunday night-both girls loved getting all the attention. Thanks for a fun weekend. I didn't take any pictures, except Blakely on a ride at the mall-then my camera lost its juice. Hopefully Nana will send me some pics that she took.

Silly Fun Girls

Last week we went to OG's house to play. Blakely, Olivia Grace and Caroline love playing dress up. I'm sure one day Lilly and Carlee will join in. Thanks for a fun time!!


Last Monday we went to Bella's T-ball game. Blakely and Lilly had so much fun. Blakely stood behind home plate for a good 15 minutes watching all the action. She loved cheering for Bella. She keeps asking when are we going back to the ballgame. We will definitely have to go watch Bella play again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lilly is 7 Months Old

Lilly you are such a fun little girl these days. You are a lot more mobile than Blakely was. You are scooting on your tummy everywhere and get caught in many precarious places. The funny thing is that you only scoot backwards. You are still nursing and also taking 1 to 2 bottles of formula a day. You are eating two meals a day and are not picky eater at all. You have loved any food I have given you. You love to babble, smile and laugh. We are finally sleeping all night. There are a few days that you do wake up early, but for the most part we are all getting more sleep. We love you little Lilly Pad!!!!
Enjoy Lilly Talking!! Sorry it is sideways.

Train Ride and Weekend

On Saturday we took the train ride that goes to Van Buren from Winslow. It was a Christmas gift from Daniel's parents. Daniel and I had a great time. At first Blakely didn't want to get on, because she wanted to stay and watch the Irish dancers-there was a festival going on downtown. The night before Blakely was up with a temp and was not herself at all on Saturday. She was tired and didn't feel well. So it took her awhile to warm up to being on the train. After a few minutes she began to have a good time. She really enjoyed riding in the dark tunnel. On the way back from Winslow she feel asleep-it was during nap time. Lilly stayed with my parents who came to visit-we didn't take any pictures with them-I guess we were too busy. Thanks to Daniel's parents for a fun gift and to my parents for watching Lilly.

Saturday was a crazy day! After we left the train ride I had to go to the mall to take back some earrings that Blakely had taken from this lady who had set up her boutique in the middle of the mall. She had taken them on Friday when my mom and I were looking at purses. I got home and found an earring on the floor and asked B about them and then she pulled out another pair of earrings from her pocket. I was so embarrassed that I immediately called the owner and left a message. They all thought is was funny when I took them back. So I had to have a conversation with Blakley about not taking things from stores that are not ours. The life of a two year old...
Then we had to go to Wal-Mart after that to get a few things. B and I stayed in the car. After Daniel got in it started to hail. It was pretty scary-Daniel called immediately and I just told him to come back outside. B was crying and couldn't understand why these big chunks of ice were hitting our car. Luckily we got out of the storm fast and didn't have any damage to the car. So skip a few hours and another storm comes again. Daniel actually went fishing, my parents had left and I was exhausted. So I was ready for bed. Before finishing this story-Our dog Jeb is super scared of storms!!! After the storm was over I was taking B to bed and I slipped on something wet on our floors-yes it was pee from our scardy dog-yuck!! One left leg went out and my right knee went back-it hurt and I was sitting in this yucky wet stuff. Poor Blakely didn't know what to do. So I managed to get up and call Daniel and cried to tell him to come home immediately and then I called our neighbors, because I couldn't walk and they came over to help. I ended up going to the ER and finding out that I just had a bruised patella and I have to wear a leg brace for a week. Thank goodness that nothing was broken and I wasn't holding Lilly at the time.
After the tramatic day on Saturday, Mother's Day was spent laying around and not doing much of anything. Which was kind of nice. I did get a cute new purse and some of my favorite flip-flops-Yellow Box. I want to thank my precious girls for making my life so wonderful and being a true blessing to me-God has blessed me immeasurably. Also, thanks to Daniel who lets me stay home-I know it is hard for you at times, but it truly means the world to me that I can stay home and watch our children grow.

My Flower Garden

Blakely loves to pick flowers. Anytime she sees a lot of flowers she will say ,"look momma, my flower garden." In our front yard, there was an area of wild flowers and the other day she had to pick them all before her dad mowed over them. Blakely you are such a precious flower child.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fun at the Park

We meet Caroline, Carlee, Olivia Grace and baby Addison at the park today for a picnic and play. Blakely loves her little friends. When she got in the car she said "mommy, I had so much fun." Tonight she told me, "mommy I go to the park tomorrow to see Owivia Grace and Carowine." Little Lilly enjoyed a fun time in the swing. Of course I forgot my camera, so I'm going to have to steal some pics from Leslie and Keri.

Sleeping Beauty

Lilly has been sleeping on her stomach lately. She has gotten better about sleeping through the night. She has been waking up between 5 and 6:30. It's a lot better than 3ish. We did the cry yourself back to sleep method a couple of nights and it worked. Yeah for Lilly and thank goodness that I am getting some sleep.The other picture is Lilly underneath the coffee table. She is scooting all around on her tummy.