Friday, October 31, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pictures with Amber

Several weeks ago we had pictures with Amber Lanning. It was for Blakely's 3 year pictures and Lilly's one year pictures. We also took some family shots. Click HERE and click on more under recent photos look for Pope on October 11, 2008 password is lilly- you also might have to . There are some great shots with Daniel and the girls-he was helping me with keeping them occupied while the other one was getting pictures taken. I love how they turned out.
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Outside Fun

This weekend was so beautiful. The girls had lots of fun playing outside. Here are a few pics of them outside. Please excuse Blakely's outfit-panties hanging out of pants. She had taken her dress off to play outside.

Lilly taking over and Blakely enjoying the ride-Lilly really looks like she knows what she is doing. This car is way too small for the both of them-maybe Santa can bring them something bigger.

Lilly loved being pushed around by Blakely

Working Girl

Trunk or Treat

Before Trunk or Treat

Last night after Awanas Blakely got to enjoy Trunk or Treating. She was so excited to get lots of candy!!

After Trunk or Treat

Halloween Party at the Library

Last Thursday the girls and I headed to the local library for some Halloween fun. Blakely had lots of fun playing games, jumping in the bounce house, playing dance freeze-more about that later, eating popcorn, trying to make something out of a balloon and seeing all the kids dressed up. Poor little Lilly hadn't had a nap that day and was sooooo tired. She just enjoyed sitting in the stroller. About the dance freeze...B had the best time playing that game and she actually did a great job. She would dance and dance and when they turned the music off she actually froze-I was shocked. She hung on for two more rounds and then got out, but she still keep dancing when they started the music-that's my girl.

As you can see Blakely is a cat and Lilly is a poodle. Surprisingly Blakely keep on her mask for a while-she does have a hard time seeing in it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Still Loving Gymnastics

Blakely loves Gymnastics and has really improved a lot over time. Her favorite these days is doing her back flip.

Our Sleeping Beauty

This happened a couple of weeks ago, but it is blog worthy. Blakely has been really fighting with me about taking naps-some days she takes them and others she doesn't. Well this day I told her she could watch a movie and rest on the couch. I was cooking dinner and I walked in and found her like this. My sweet little girl-Mouth open and all!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lilly's First Steps

Lilly took her first steps today! We were at the Nutts and I was showing Sara how I just stand Lilly up and then she sits right back down and the next thing I knew she decided to take about four steps. So Sara ran over and got her camera-hopefully she will send the picture soon. The Nutts must have some magic at there house because Blakely first started crawling at their house, Lilly rolled over there and now Lilly took her first steps there.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lilly is One!!

Our little Lilly is 1! She is such a sweet, sweet little girl. Full of life and love.

We had our 1 year check this past Monday. Weight: 19.4 lbs 25% Height: 75% The doctor said she was perfect and that she was right on track. She couldn't believe that she wasn't walking yet, because the way that she just stands all by herself. She of course will start walking when she is ready, so I'm not to worried about it. She is starting to talk a little more, she loves to jibber-jabber and scream for fun like her sister.

She loves to take baths, eat-not picky at all, play with her sister, blow kisses and give kisses, being held, her paci, her blanket, being outside, getting into cabinets, pulling out all the toys, crawling, saying "hi" on the phone, trying to eat my phone, getting in the dog kennel, smiling, playing with the fisher price house, the animal magnets on the frig, her daddy and mommy.

She dislikes not getting her way-she can throw some fits, when I take the phone away, when her sister hugs her to tight, when she falls, when she has to wait for food or something to drink.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lilly's First Birthday Party

Lilly had a great and wonderful 1st birthday party. We had it at Fun City-since most of the kids were going to be older I thought it would be fun for them. All the kids enjoyed eating pizza, playing games and having yummy cake. Lilly just took it all in and LOVED eating her cake. I will let the slide show tell the story-I hope to get more pictures from grammy and nana. Yes I know this song is a little sad, but I'm a little sad that my baby turned one. I just want to keep holding on to my little Lilly forever and I know I will miss these times so much.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I can't believe it!

I can't believe that on Sunday our little Lilly will be one! She is such a joy!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Fest

We all headed to the Fall Fest this past weekend. We had such a good time on the hayride, petting zoo, bounce houses, hay maze, slides(Blakely not so much-she fell several times) and the enormous playhouse/swing set.

The Nutt Girls and Pope Girls -Blakely feeding the Lama

Blakely loved the hayride the best!
Lilly enjoyed the bounce house and the animals!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Chuck E.Cheese Fun

On Friday we went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Olivia' Graces actual birthday. The girls had a great time playing together. Blakely and Lilly love their little friends.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Olivia Grace!!

The Girls had such a fun time at Olivia Grace's Birthday Party! It was held at Gymboree - such a great place for a party. Blakely loved everything about it and Lilly enjoyed being all over the place. Happy 3rd Birthday Olivia Grace!!