Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lilly is One!!

Our little Lilly is 1! She is such a sweet, sweet little girl. Full of life and love.

We had our 1 year check this past Monday. Weight: 19.4 lbs 25% Height: 75% The doctor said she was perfect and that she was right on track. She couldn't believe that she wasn't walking yet, because the way that she just stands all by herself. She of course will start walking when she is ready, so I'm not to worried about it. She is starting to talk a little more, she loves to jibber-jabber and scream for fun like her sister.

She loves to take baths, eat-not picky at all, play with her sister, blow kisses and give kisses, being held, her paci, her blanket, being outside, getting into cabinets, pulling out all the toys, crawling, saying "hi" on the phone, trying to eat my phone, getting in the dog kennel, smiling, playing with the fisher price house, the animal magnets on the frig, her daddy and mommy.

She dislikes not getting her way-she can throw some fits, when I take the phone away, when her sister hugs her to tight, when she falls, when she has to wait for food or something to drink.


Tambrey said...

Oh Anita! She is so adorable! Sucha precious little girl! These are some great pics of her. Did you take them? That song makes me want to cry!!

Dean, Mila, Parker,& Presley said...

These pictures are so adorable! She is so precious!

Megan said...

I love these shots. She's adorable!

Olivia Grace said...

I love the pictures. Lilly is a doll.