Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our fun 2 Year Old

Blakely you are such a fun and happy little girl and we are having the best time with you. Your language has exploded and basically you can tell us everything you want or need. You still like to ramble and ramble and I at times I honestly can't understand what you are saying, but you know exactly what you are saying. It is great to have little conversations with you. In social situations, you tend to be shy at first. It takes you awhile to warm up and then about 10 or 20 minutes you are your usual 2 year old self.
You love all kinds of things: Dora, reading books playing with your baby dolls, pushing around your grocery cart, playing with your kitchen, Elmo-"melmo", Doodlebops, Minnie Mouse, Nemo, Shrek, stickers, jumping, dancing, running away from mommy, playing with Jeb(you call him jebbers) and Chloe-our dogs, going to church, going outside and I could go on and on.
We have been having really busy weeks lately. We go to Kindermusic, MOPS every other week, mothers day out and seem to be running a lot of errands lately-getting ready for Lilly. Not sure how much we will be able to do when Lilly gets here.
We have been really talking about Lilly coming. Right now you know Lilly is in my tummy and that some things around the house are hers. When we started putting the baby stuff out you would say that is mine not baby. Last night you finally said that the baby bath was the babies and the big bath was yours. I know when Lilly gets here we will have some adjustments, but you will be a great big sister.
2 year stats
Weight: 27 lbs (50%)
Height: we think about 33 ¾ inches (50%) the nurse said 35 ½ inches (95%). I think you were moving around to much at the doctors office

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My New Bed

Well it is almost been two weeks since you started sleeping in your new big girl bed. You really have done well. The hardest time is when we lay you down, you want mommy to lay down with you. (I did this the first couple of nights.) This week I have stopped laying down with you, you might cry for a few seconds, but then you are fine. You have slept all night long and we are so proud. I just have pictures of the bed. I am still trying to decorate.

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