Saturday, December 31, 2005

My First Christmas

You had such a wonderful first Christmas Blakely. You were definitely the center of attention and were spoiled uncontrollably. We spent Christmas Day with your Great Grandma Jenna (dad's Grandmother), Nana, Grandpa Rick, Uncle Sam, Great Uncle Shawn, Great Aunt Jenna and Tristan in Malden, MO. (Santa visited our house early and dropped off your presents there.) We all had such a great time with your Dad's side of the family. Grandma Jenna just fell in love with you. She is such a great lady and I hope that one day you will learn many things from her. Uncle Sam was excited to see you too. I think he was a little scared holding you, since you are still so small. Nana and Grandpa Rick spoiled you with all the gifts that they got you. Thanks Mom and Dad Pope for all the fun toys. Uncle Shawn and Aunt Jenna also spoiled you with great gifts. We had a great time at your house and we always look forward to Shawn's cooking. After Christmas we went to Grammy and Papaws in Hot Springs Village. Your Uncle Kenny, Aunt Terri, Colby, Darby and Zach were all there. All your cousins were so excited to see you again. I didn't take any pictures there except one with your cousins. I guess we were all thinking about Granny Liz and taking pictures was the last thing on our minds. You still had a fun time opening your presents. Grammy and Papaw got you a Deluxe Johnny Jumper. You seem to really enjoy being in your jumper. Thanks to everyone for the great gifts. Blakely we hope that you will always enjoy Christmas and remember the true meaning of why we celebrate. The birth of Jesus Christ is why we are all able to come together, give presents and be with our great family and friends. We love you baby and look forward to many more Christmas Holidays with you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Granny Liz

Dearest Blakely Elizabeth, It is very hard for me to write this to you, but your Great Granny Liz, my Grandmother, passed away yesterday. I want you to know that she loved you so much. She was so honored that you were named after her. We always called you Elizabeth when we were around her. Last week Granny got really sick and she was unconscious for three days. You and I came to see her last Thursday and I told her you were here and she opened her eyes. The next day we went to the hospital again and she was talking and responding to us so well. She was so excited to see you. I would lay you on the bed with her and she would just rub all over your little hands and feet. My mom thinks that we were what she needed to rally before she left us to go to Heaven. I wish that you that you would have been able to know Granny, but I know that she has no more pain and in a much better place. We will be traveling to West Virginia to her funeral. It will be a long trip for you and I hope that you will always be the perfect traveler as you always are. We will post our Christmas info next week.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

four months old

Blakely you are a true blessing to us. We thank God everyday for the joys that you bring us. On Christmas Eve you will be 4 months old. It is hard to believe that you have been with us for only 4 months. It seems so much longer. You are growing so much everyday. You try to grab everything and put it in your mouth. You are drooling so much and I am sure you are teething. Can’t go without that bib!!! You are holding your head up so well! You love your thumb. It is your favorite thing to suck on. You are trying to sit up! You also love to push your feet and stand up with the help of mommy’s hands.Weight 13 pounds 13 ounces (50%)Height 26 ½ inches (how did you get so tall???) (95%)Dr. Cheshier says that we can start giving you rice cereal. Yeah! I hope you will start sleeping a little longer at night. He also says that you are just perfect! You are still being breastfeed. I love it! It is such a bonding experience and so easy! We love you baby Blakely and look forward to the next month with you.MARK 10:16 “And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.”

Saturday, December 17, 2005

New Toy

Debbie and Mark got you this great new toy for Christmas. You seem to really enjoy it. Thanks Debbie and Mark for the present!!!

Love My Hands

For a while Blakely you have been interested in your hands. Lately you would rather play with them instead of your toys. Here are a few pics of you in deep thought about these great wonders that we call hands.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dear Santa

Today we took you to go see Santa at the Northwest Arkansas Mall. You fell asleep right before it was your turn to sit in his lap. It ended up being a sweet picture. We hope you will always enjoy seeing Santa in the years to come.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

First Snow

Blakely unfortunately you won't remember your first snow, but your crazy mom already has taken pictures. I just love that first snow of the season. I hope you will enjoy it one day as much as I do.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Move over Gene Simmons Here Comes Blakely!

You are so funny! For some reason you are really into sticking out your long tongue. Maybe you do want to be the next lead singer of KISS. HaHa!!!