Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blakely’s Pre-K School Pictures

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Little Princess

Blakely was asked to be a little princess escort for the local pageant.  She walked with one of the Misses in the evening gown competition.  She loved getting  all dolled up and wearing a sparkly dress.  She also got to meet Miss Arkansas and got her autograph.  It was a long night, but fun!!

At practice the night beforeIMG_1767 Little PrincessIMG_1777 Aubrey, Blakely, Rachel and LillyPope3Cambry and Blakely  IMG_1779   Miss ArkansasIMG_1783 Our FamilyPope4 Sweet SistersPope1 Pope2

Fall Swimming Party

The girls were so excited to go to Olivia Grace’s Birthday Party.  They just couldn’t wait to go swimming since it had been awhile.  Hope you had a great birthday Olivia Grace!!  Blakely says “welcome to the 5 club!”

Blakely and the Birthday GirlIMG_1753Cute little swimmerIMG_1751 All Smiles before going down the big slideIMG_1752  Eating her favorite food-PIZZA!!IMG_1758

Homecoming Parade

  It has been almost a month since this took place, but that is normal for me to update a month later.  HA!    At the homecoming parade each little league squad got to be on their own float.  Blakely was so excited about riding on the float.  Lilly was going to ride, but she didn’t want to so she stayed with Daddy.  That day was very hot!!  Who would have thought it October.  Luckily the parade didn’t last too long.  All the girls had a fun time.   The night before I got to help decorate the float with several other moms. 

All smiles getting on the floatIMG_1736Cute MascotsIMG_1735 All the girls getting ready to be in the paradeIMG_1737 Blakely and CambryIMG_1739Each girl had a flag with their name on itIMG_1741Enjoying a sweet treat while we waited in line for the parade to start.  IMG_1744 Miss SassyIMG_1750 Luckily we sat in the shade for awhile-the train came through town so we got stuck.IMG_1746


Friday, October 22, 2010

Visit with Family

Several weekends ago the girls and I went to my parents house.  My brother and his family were coming in for the weekend and it had been forever since we had seen them.  The girls had the best time.  They loved playing with Uncle Kenny!  We all went and played putt putt one day-Lilly’s first time.  It was so fun!  I hate that we live so far away from each other, but it least will we get to see each other at Christmas.   

Blakely and Uncle Kenny being sillyIMG_1678 Grammy and The GirlsIMG_1676Me and My ParentsIMG_1692The GirlsIMG_1680With Cousin Colby IMG_1681 Aunt Terri, Baby Girl and Uncle Kenny with the girlsIMG_1684

Uncle Kenny Helping Lilly OutIMG_1705  My Little GolferIMG_1702 This picture is blurry but I had to put it on here-she would make the hole and then hold up the ball and yell, “go golf.”  She is a mess!!IMG_1703 She really was concentratingIMG_1704

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cheerleading 2010

This is what we are busy doing these days!  Blakely and Lilly(sometimes) are mascots this year for pee-wee football.  Blakely loves it, but Lilly would rather sit with us in the stands. Blakely loves it!  She loves doing her dance at halftime and learning all these new cheers.

Blakely at her first gameIMG_1631_edited-1 Blakely and CambryIMG_1634 Dancing GirlsIMG_1637 They wear these masks for their half-time danceIMG_1638Cute cheerleadersIMG_1643_edited-1 The SquadIMG_1673 Picture dayIMG_1663 IMG_1664 Sweet SistersIMG_1665 They love each other so much (most of the time)!IMG_1666IMG_1667 Lilly, Cambry and BlakelyIMG_1668 Proud to have on her uniformIMG_1670

The Brothers

  The Brothers (Colton and Tristan) celebrated their 2nd birthday a few weeks ago.  It was so hot and humid!  We had a fun time and enjoyed a cookout with our friends.IMG_1600