Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homecoming Parade

  It has been almost a month since this took place, but that is normal for me to update a month later.  HA!    At the homecoming parade each little league squad got to be on their own float.  Blakely was so excited about riding on the float.  Lilly was going to ride, but she didn’t want to so she stayed with Daddy.  That day was very hot!!  Who would have thought it October.  Luckily the parade didn’t last too long.  All the girls had a fun time.   The night before I got to help decorate the float with several other moms. 

All smiles getting on the floatIMG_1736Cute MascotsIMG_1735 All the girls getting ready to be in the paradeIMG_1737 Blakely and CambryIMG_1739Each girl had a flag with their name on itIMG_1741Enjoying a sweet treat while we waited in line for the parade to start.  IMG_1744 Miss SassyIMG_1750 Luckily we sat in the shade for awhile-the train came through town so we got stuck.IMG_1746


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