Monday, October 11, 2010

Cheerleading 2010

This is what we are busy doing these days!  Blakely and Lilly(sometimes) are mascots this year for pee-wee football.  Blakely loves it, but Lilly would rather sit with us in the stands. Blakely loves it!  She loves doing her dance at halftime and learning all these new cheers.

Blakely at her first gameIMG_1631_edited-1 Blakely and CambryIMG_1634 Dancing GirlsIMG_1637 They wear these masks for their half-time danceIMG_1638Cute cheerleadersIMG_1643_edited-1 The SquadIMG_1673 Picture dayIMG_1663 IMG_1664 Sweet SistersIMG_1665 They love each other so much (most of the time)!IMG_1666IMG_1667 Lilly, Cambry and BlakelyIMG_1668 Proud to have on her uniformIMG_1670

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