Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Lilly

Blakely absolutely loves her sissy. She loves to give her kisses and hugs and for the most part is very gentle. When other kids come around Lilly she starts saying, "my Lilly, my Lilly." When Lilly cries she attempts to give Lilly her passie or blankee. When I am changing Lilly's diaper, Blakely gives me one. Last night I left both kids and went to a Women's League Christmas auction and Daniel said the Blakely was very persistent about giving Lilly a bottle. This was the first time Lilly had actually even had a bottle-so I think Daddy had to take over. The sweetest thing is B gets her baby dolls and holds them so sweet and rocks them back and forth, pats their bottom and says my baby mommy. What a blessing to have such a great big sis and a wonderful little helper.Pictures:Blakely loves the camera these days. Santa brought momma an early present-a new camera and Blakely has been playing around with our old one. She loves looking at the pictures on the back and will say things like, that is so funny mommy. We had a fun time saying cheese.Blakely loves to play dress up so she had to put sunglasses on Lilly. Blakely was worn out last night and feel asleep with the sunglasses on...funny girl.

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