Tuesday, August 11, 2009

At the Beach Day 1

Two weeks ago we headed down to Orange Beach for our family vacation. We went with my parents, my brother Kenny and his family Terri and Colby and my niece Darby and nephew Zach. My brother Daryl had to work so he wasn't able to come. We had such a great time and enjoyed every minute of it.

Blakely and Lilly loved the sand and played and played in it. By the end of the day Lilly was laying down it and practically eating it. Silly girl. Blakely loved the ocean! She enjoyed getting in her float and riding the waves. Lilly on the other hand did NOT like the ocean at all. I'm assuming the waves just freaked her out-good thing we had a lot of pools at our resort.

Rolling all in the sand
Sand Girl
The mess she made
The Family out in the ocean
Blakely and Darby
Grammy giving miss Lil some much needed water
enjoying the waves
Loved her name in the sand
Digging in the sand
It's tough being on the beach all day

At Night
Out to Dinner
Darby and Lilly
Colby and Darby
Daniel and I
Terri and KennyMy mom and I

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