Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lilly is 10 Months Old

On Tuesday Lilly was 10 months old. She is so much fun these days and has the cutest little personality. She is such a sweetie and loves to cuddle. On the other hand she loves to get into everything so she can see what kind of mess she can make.
You love to crawl around and are really fast at it. You love trying to get in the refrigerator when I open the door. You can move across the floor in no time when you hear that door open. You pull up on everything and are starting to cruise furniture. You love to clap your hands and move to the music.
Verbally you love making different sounds. You have said bye, bye and Dada but we are still working on Mama. You can sign language more when eating. You love play with your toys. Your favorites are the fisher price house and the leap frog table. You love playing with your sissy until she gets a little bit to rough with you.
You are eating three meals a day and drinking about 4 bottles-one is a sippy cup. I've got to get better about giving you a sippy cup more. You eat pretty much anything except 3rd foods with meat. We have been getting you some table foods and you really like those too.
You sleep from around 8 until 7 and take two naps a day.
You are definitely our busy body with lots of energy. We love you Lilly!!!

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