Monday, October 1, 2007

Busy Weekend

You had a fun filled weekend. On Saturday morning we went to Olivia Grace's birthday party, then went to your daddy's work picnic and then Grammy, Papaw, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Glenda came to visit. Olivia Grace had a great party and you truly enjoyed yourself. Leslie it was a wonderful party and the castle was amazing!!!
Your dad's work picnic was huge. There were about 15,000 people there. You jumped, climbed and slid in the blowup toys, played games, ate a ton of cotton candy, played on the swing set and truly enjoyed yourself. (I left my camera in the car)
Then Saturday night Grammy and Papaw were coming back from there two week vacation and came by to visit. You loved seeing them. So on Sunday we had a lazy afternoon and a good long nap.

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