Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lilly is 9 months old

Our little Lilly is growing so much everyday. She is an active little thing and is all over the place. She is definitely our Lilly the Explorer.

Weight: 18 lbs 40%
Height: 28 1/4 75%

Physical Development: crawls, pulls up on everything, bounces up and down when you hear music, claps, close to waving bye-bye

Verbal Development: Still babbling a lot-this is the main difference between you and Blakely at this stage-you are a lot more physical and Blakely was a lot more verbal. Currently Lilly is concentrating more on the physical part than verbal.

Food: I am still nursing in the morning and then you get about 3 bottles during the day. You eat cereal and fruit for breakfast, veggie or fruit for lunch and dinner time is meat/veggie combo and fruit. You have eaten several table foods and really like them. You do not like drinking from a sippy cup at all you throw it down when I give it to you. We will have to continue to work on drinking from the sippy cup.

You go to sleep around 7:30-8:00 and wake up around 7:00. You are taking two naps a day morning and afternoon. You are a really turned into a great sleeper.

You are a true joy to us Lilly and love your sweet little personality. You are very easy going and just kind of go with the flow of whatever we are doing. I guess that is what kind of happens with the second one. You have loved being in the water this summer and enjoy riding in the stroller on our walks. You LOVE your sister and get so excited when she comes around. You are starting to get mad when she takes a toy away from you. We are really practicing the word sharing at our house these days.
We love you so much Lilly Pop!!!

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