Friday, December 12, 2008

Wizard Of Oz

On Sunday afternoon Blakely and I went to see the production of Wizard of Oz-It was put on by the local high school-but you surely couldn't tell it was a HS production-it was very professional. Blakely was super excited about going to see it since she has watched it so much on TV. She loved every minute of it until after intermission-she was so tired(no nap and previous day was super busy) and she ended up falling asleep in her chair. She then woke up when it was almost over and had a major melt down-so we left before Dorthy clicked her heels-she cried the entire way to the car-fun times, fun times. I think if it wasn't 3 hours long things probably would have gone better. She still LOVED it even after her melt down.

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