Saturday, June 13, 2009

Busy as Bees

It seems like we have been busy the past couple of of course I am behind on blogging.
The girls have enjoyed going to the library, going to the movies twice, seeing The Kiddos in concert, swimming at the pool and playing with friends since summer has officially gotten started....and I haven't taken one picture...ugh.
A couple of weeks ago the girls go to enjoy two birthday parties. A swimming party for Carlee and a Ladybug party for Julia. The girls had such a great time.
Blakely and Lilly had the best time on the trampoline at Julia's Party

Bella, Lilly, Julia and Blakely-these girls love each other so much!

Ready for some yummy cake

Julia about to blow the candles out

Lilly and Carlee at the pool party

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Tambrey said...

I love all the pics of the girls! So cool! They are just mini Anita's! Love you!