Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hair Emergency!!

First of all I have other posts to blog about, but I had to write about what happened today...
This morning Blakely was looking for a necklace and I told her it was probably in the bathroom drawer. Well she came out of the bathroom telling me she couldn't find her necklace and this is what I saw....
this is her face after she looked in the mirror.
The rest of hair is pulled back so it least she didn't touch that.
Needless to say I broke out in screams and tears. I couldn't believe that she cut her hair. We just discussed about how we don't cut our hair or anyone else's hair...this conversation was brought on by her cutting a small piece of Lilly's hair. There are part of her bangs that are so close to her head it is going to take forever for them to grow out. We are going this afternoon to hopefully fix as much as we can.

This was an hour later-she had forgotten what she had done to her hair.
This is the hair I found in the bathroom.
This is the before picture-it was taken last night!

And yes Blakely is loving this necklace-she has worn it to bed the past two nights...I actually wore it on my wedding day.

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