Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blakelys First Day of Preschool-4 year old

Blakely and her teacher Mrs. Sheena-not sure what she is doing with her hand
Blakely and her backpack
Miss Poser
Blakely and Julia
Rachel, Blakely and Lilly
Well Miss Blakely started her first day of Preschool today! She had the best time and has been waiting for this day for a long time...not so sure about me. She has always gone to MDO, but this was the big day she has been waiting on. She was so excited about going this morning and couldn't wait to get there. She went in just fine and found her friend Rachel and didn't seem to mind that Lilly and I were leaving. Lilly on the other hand had a hard time leaving her sissy. :-(
When we picked her up all she talked about was school...when do I get to go again...I want Rachel to come over, etc... Her teacher said she did great, but had to separate her and Rachel-to much talking to her friend...I wonder where she gets that from...hahaha. She came home and made her snack for tomorrow :-) We love you so much Blakely and can't believe that your school life has started.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Blakely! I know you will love school (most of the time). love you, Grammy

The Greenfield Family said...

What a cutie! Can you believe you have a four year old??? The announcements were a hit! You are so talented! Thanks again. Hope to see you soon!