Sunday, December 20, 2009

Breakfast With Santa

Santa and the Girls

Me and My Girls

The girls with their Nana
Julia and Blakely
Bella, Julia, Blakely and Lilly
At the beginning of December the Women's League had a pancake breakfast with Santa. They had such a good time and loved seeing Santa. Nana was here for the weekend and brought the girls since I had to be there early to cook pancakes. Of course Blakely was excited to see Santa and she told him exactly what she wanted. I was worried about Lilly since last year she screamed bloody murder. Well this year she went right on over to him and started feeling his fur on his coat and just stared at him until she saw me behind the photographer and then she lost it. During the breakfast she would stand from afar and wave at him. The girls also had lots of fun with their friends Bella and Julia.

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