Friday, April 2, 2010

Storytime Live

During spring break we took the girls to the Storytime Live.   It was such a cute show.  They got to see Kai-Lan, Backyardigans (their favorite), the Wonder Pets and Dora.  I didn’t get to take that many pictures because you can’t use a flash.  So I hurried up and snapped a quick picture of the girls before the show started.  I love watching the girls faces while they watch their favorite characters come to life.  They are in such awe.  Blakely really interacted with all the characters.  Lilly didn’t take her eyes off of them and totally ignored you if you tried to talk to her.  On the way home they keep telling us they wanted to go again tomorrow.  Oh the joys of being young…

imagephoto credit: Carol Rosegg

I took this one at the end of the show (without my flash)IMG_0822 Excited about the showIMG_0817Waiting patiently in their seats.  This is Lilly’s Cheese face. IMG_0820 This is the cute little curtain used for Moose and Zee between each story.IMG_0821

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