Thursday, January 20, 2011

Single WONDERFUL Friend in Northwest Arkansas-Marisa

Marisa 1

Our friend Marisa is:
- loyal (to her friends, coworkers and parents)

- FUN -- she'll try anything, and is always up for an adventure!
- LOVES sports – golf, football, bball, etc.
- loves the HOGS!!!
- takes care of herself --loves to exercise and be healthy, etc.
- great educator – teaches Kindergarten - cares about kids!
- does extra stuff -- Junior League, Big Sisters/Big Brothers-Big Sister of the year 2010, Women's Shelter
- genuinely a sweet person - cares about others' feelings...she'd drop everything to help a friend in need!
- so pretty on the inside and the outside!!!

If you know someone who would be interested leave a comment or email me at

Marisa 2

Marisa 3

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Megan said...

Are you doing personal ads on your blog now?