Monday, February 28, 2011

Cookies and Milk

The girls had a fun time at Blakely’s Valentine party. Sara and I did a cookies and milk theme. The favorite cookies of course were OREO’s. The kids enjoyed decorating their own cookie and playing stack the hearts game. Of course they loved getting valentines from all of their friends. Blakely’s class is so sweet!

Cookies and MilkDSC_0637Stack the Hearts


DSC_0646Cookie DecoratingDSC_0649DSC_0651DSC_0654DSC_0653

Three Amigos-Blakely, Julia and TatumDSC_0656Lilly, Blakely, Julia and TatumDSC_0657

Blakely and Lilly’s Valentine they passed out to their friends. I got the idea from one of the creative blogs I read (I don’t remember which one it was)-they can be found on the right hand side under blog love. I wish I would have came up with the idea. I took the girls picture in the play room with them making a fist. Then I Photoshopped the greeting on the photo. Printed them on a 4x6 photo card and then made two slits to slide in the sucker. They turned out so cute. The girls really were excited to give them to their friends.DSC_0631DSC_0630

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