Saturday, June 24, 2006

10 months Old

You are such a fun little girl! We are having so much fun with you. You are truly amazing. You are really starting to become your own person. It seems as though you are already miss independent. You will push our hands away so that you can do it yourself. You love playing with all of your toys. You bang them, throw them and try to put them all in your mouth. You are very talkative and are saying new words all the time. New this weekend was papaw. You are also able to point to the sun, stars and birds that are in your bible book. You love books and want to read them or flip the pages all the time. When we go in your room you start saying book, book. You also are starting to wave bye, bye. It is so cute to see your little hand wave bye. Blakely I assume that you are going to skip crawling and go straight to walking. You want to stand all the time. You can stand by yourself for about 8-10 seconds. You are still working on pulling up. I think that you are pretty close to cruising around the furniture. You are still a great eater. You have tried a lot of new foods and are enjoying them so much. You love yogurt, veggie or fruit puffs, wagon wheels, 3rd foods cereal, cheese, crackers almost every veggies and fruits. You had a waffle this weekend and loved it. The only thing you don't like is 3rd foods with meat in them. I am still nursing you twice a day and then the other times you get milk. You also love to feed our dogs. They are right underneath your highchair and you always are giving them food. You have four teeth. Teething has not been very fun. You tend to be very fussy and I just hate it since you are usually not this way. We are also starting to say no-no for some things. I taped my hand on the kitchen counter the other day and said no-no (I'm sure it was because you were feeding the dogs) and now when I say no-no you hit your hand on something. You are a funny girl and we love you so much!!!

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