Monday, July 24, 2006

11 months old

Well Blakely I guess we are officially counting down to your first birthday. It is hard to believe that in a month you will be a year old. You are learning and doing so many exciting things.
If you copy and paste the link below you will see our little girl using her walker. Sorry it is sideways-I forget that I can't use my camera that way to record. Also, I am sorry there is no sound. Our camera doesn't record it. Enjoy!
*Food: Blakely you are completely on whole milk except at night I am still nursing. You are pretty much eating table food. For breakfast your favs are toast, scrambled eggs, waffles, oatmeal cereal, bananas and yogurt. Lunch you will eat a variety of stuff-you really love grilled cheese. Dinner you eat whatever we are eating. Your favorite veggies are carrots and peas. You also love rotini pasta. I am so glad you are not a picky eater!!Talk: Blakely you are a little talker. It seems like you are saying a new word everyday. Lately you have been saying this and that when you point to stuff. You try to repeat what we are saying. It is so cute. Here are the words you have said: duck, ball, mama, dada, bye-bye, hi, papaw, zack, light, jeb, dog, max, blankee(only once), bath, juice, this, that and probably some others that I have left off. *Sleep: Most of the time you go to sleep around 8 and get up at 7:30. You take two naps and day and there are days that you take one big nap.*Clothes: 6-12 months, size 2 shoe (you have really small feet), size 3 diaper*Activity: We have finally declared that you are not going to crawl. At first I think I was a little upset that you weren't crawling, but I have decided that you are going to do what you want to do and when you want to do it. So..You are cruising all over the place and pushing your walker. You love it! You have enjoyed swimming this summer. You are currently taking swimming lessons and are loving every minute. *You love to dance!*You love to clap your hands when you do something and we cheer for you.*You really do have a cute little personality! Blakely you are truly a sweet little girl and are such a blessing to us. We love you so much potters!

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