Sunday, September 24, 2006

13 Months Old

Blakely you are growing way too fast! You are such a sweet little girl and we are having so much fun with you.Well, I wouldn't say that you are officially walking yet, but you have taken about 5-8 steps between me and your daddy. You are still very cautious about letting go of something and taking that first step. I know you can do it but you are just taking your precious time. You crawl and cruise all over the house. You are into everything!You are saying new words everyday. You try to repeat what we are saying. It is so cute. I think your favorite word to say is bye, bye. I guess since we are always on the go. Having two dogs in the house keeps you busy with always saying “dog, dog, dog.” If you see a picture of a dog or a statue you start pointing and saying “dog, dog.” You say outs for outside. You will crawl to the front door or the door to the garage and start saying outs… You love being outside! Blakely you are able to point to your mouth, nose and sometimes eyes. Reading all you books is one of your favorite things to do. You will go to where your books are, pull them all on the floor and start flipping all the pages. Sometimes I think you just like to pull things off of the shelves. You love to take things out of baskets/boxes and then put them back in. You can entertain yourself for a while doing this. You are still a great eater. You eat anything we do. You really love your fruit, especially bananas. Scrambled eggs and toast are your favorite for breakfast. Lunch and Dinner is usually some type of meat, veggie and fruit. If you have already eaten and we eat after you, you will basically beg for our food. You want what we are drinking and eating. Your daddy has been giving you ice cream lately and you act like you can’t get enough of that yummy ice cream.
You are a true sweetie and we love you so much!!!

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