Tuesday, October 24, 2006

14 Months Old

Blakey you are absolutely so much fun! We are still working on the walking thing. You will walk from me to daddy, but you just won't let go of anything else. I know you can do it! You love to talk-maybe you get that from your mommy. We understand most of the words that you do say. Dada and Dog are your favorite. You think that every male is Dada. You even were calling Bellas Barbie Ken doll Dada! You have pointed to your nose, mouth and eyes and say the words. You are all over the place and are starting to get very curious about what is in the cabinets and drawers. As you can see in one of the pictures, Blakey is attached to her blankee. Most of the pictures that I did take have her blanket in her mouth. We already have purchased two of them in case of emergency. We might need to get another one if the attachment to the blankee continues. We love you pea potters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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