Sunday, January 13, 2008

3 Months Old

Yesterday you turned 3 months old. You are such a true blessing to us. Here are some things you are doing.
-holding head up very well
-sucking on your hands a lot
-trying to roll over-from your back to your tummy-you can almost do it.
-you don't like tummy time very much
-still nursing
-you still wake up about once or twice a night. The other night you woke up at 5. I was very excited.
-take good naps during the day
-you still spit up a lot, but only take meds when needed.
-love taking baths
-love to sit in our laps and watch what is going on
-enjoy smiling and cooing
-wearing 3-6 months clothes, size 2 diapers
-still have beautiful blue eyes
Overall you have become a more happier baby and are growing so fast. We love you Lilly!!

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