Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Blankee

Anyone who has ever been around us knows that Blakely loves her blankee and usually can't go without it. Blakely also loves to chew on the blankee a lot. She has been doing this since she was 7 months old!! (that is when the picture was taken)
She chews on it before she goes to sleep, sometimes while watching TV and when we are in the car. It is a big time security deal for her. It has come to our attention that Blakely might have some speech problems possibly due to her chewing on her blanket. It could possibly be tongue thrust-which can cause her to have problems saying her s and x. If you look at all of her pictures her tongue is always sticking out. Hopefully she will be evaluated in the next couple of weeks and we will know more. It could be that she might just have a long tongue-who knows.
So we have started to take away the blankee. At first we were going to do it cold turkey, but that didn't last since it was 11 at night and we wanted to go to bed and Blakely just couldn't go to sleep without her blankee. So...now the only time she can have it is at nap and night night time. It has gone fairly well. We have had some melt downs, but that is to be expected. Please pray that Blakely will adjust to not having her blanket and that if she does have some speech issues that we can take care of those through therapy.

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