Monday, February 4, 2008

Pics from this past week

We had a fun time last week playing in the snow. Blakely really enjoyed herself. When she got outside she immediately started making a snow angel...she must have seen that on TV, because we have never showed her. She also loved trying to catch the snowflakes in her mouth. (Blakely would not keep her gloves on at all.)
Lilly is such a cutie. She loves to smile and roll over. She first rolled over from her back to her stomach a couple of weeks ago, but she is now rolling both ways. It is kind of hard to get a picture of her doing it. We also put her in her high chair. I'm not sure who liked it more, Lilly or Blakely.
We had the Nutts over for the Super Bowl and had a great time. The girls always have a fun time together.

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