Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blakely is 2 1/2

Wow! Blakely is 2 ½ !!! This is definitely a fun and at times hard stage (it least for mommy)You are very independent! “I do it!!!” frequently comes out of your mouth. You test us all the time. You don’t like time out and seem to be going more often these days. You love to make messes. The past few days, you got into the Vaseline- it was in your hair, carpet, and your clothes-total mess.(check out pic) Then, you somehow got the Benadryl off of the counter and opened it and poured it all over the floor. It can be a little frustrating around here at times, but I know this stage will pass. Here are some other things that you are doing.
First it is great that you are potty trained-it least during the day. There are a few accidents, but when they do happen you totally hate it and cry, cry, cry. You are such a good big sister. You help mommy with getting things for Lilly and when she is crying you try to comfort her. You really have gotten into playing the mommy role with all your baby dolls. You will rock them and pat them on the back and say it's OK baby. You love Princesses. Cinderella is your favorite-I've actually had to hide the rella dress (as you call it) because you want to wear it all day long. You still will find another dress or put on or your tutu. You love crowns. If you have a dress on you must have a crown. It is precious. You already told me that you want a princess party. You love going to MDO (you call it church) You will say "mommy I go to church, play with kids, girls, boys, eat crackers." You love the Ritz crackers!!!You have good manners: will say thank you and please without remindersOur routine at night is read books, sing songs and say our prayers-you always list family members and lately you add your name to the thank you list. So funnyFavorite Food: hot dogs, hamburgers, oatmeal, pancakes, green beans, rice, bananas, apple juice, popcorn and fruit snacks you call them car snacks(the box we bought one time) Favorite Songs: Jesus Loves Me, ABC's, Happy Birthday, and any song from your children's hymn bookYou can: Count to 20, you know your ABC's, recognize B and know that is what your name starts with. If I ask you what your name is you say “Bakey Ezibeth” can pretty much tell us anything you want-sometimes I have to translate for others, jump, run, working on the tricycle thing, you are learning so much all the timeFavorite characters/Movies: Dora, Cinderella, Backyardigans, Cars, Nemo, Little Einsteins You love to play with your little friends: We do a lot with Bella and Julia-you have so much fun when you all three get together. You love your little friends in NWA, but since we live some distance away we don’t get together as much as we would like too. You LOVE our dogs, Jeb and Chloe-you all three are best buds.
You are such a joy Blakely and have truly blessed us immeasurably.

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