Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Anna Kate AKA Anna Cake!

This weekend we went to Anna Kate's 2nd birthday party. Blakely had such a fun time. The party was adorable with a cupcake theme. All the kids enjoyed decorating their own cupcake with their cute little aprons on. Blakely loves playing with her friends and ask about them often. Blakely keep calling Anna Kate-Anna Cake-so funny!!Lilly and daddy had a fun day together while we traveled up to NWA.
A have to include this: Before we went inside to the party I told Blakely that she had to leave her clothes on and that we would not be playing dress up. She did well until Anna Kate got some princess clothes. Blakely immediately took her pants off and thought it was dress up time. Of course we had a major melt down and Grandma Boudreaux saved the day. Well I went outside to get the painting from Keri and Blakely found the dresses, crown and shoes and took off her clothes-needless to say we had another meltdown when we left. Yes, I have an obsessed princess on my hands.

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