Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Branson Trip

Enjoying the parade

Papaw and Grammy

Sister Love

Blakely watching Frosty

I had a fun day at Silver Dollar City...completely worn out!!

On the way back home with our baby dolls

Last week the girls and I took a short trip to Branson. My parents and my aunt Glenda and Uncle Charlie were up there for the week so we decided to go up and go to Silver Dollar City and do a little shopping. Blakely and Lilly had the best time as SDC. We went to go see The Christmas Carol and Frosty. Blakely rode a lot of rides-it was so nice because not many kids were there and we never had to wait in line. Last Christmas we waited an hour and a half just to ride one ride. Blakely has no fear in riding anything. Both girls enjoyed the parade-I didn't get to take any pictures of it because Lilly had a melt down before the parade began so I was holding her-she was extremely exhausted! All of the characters came up to them-Blakely loved it and Lilly was in awe. The next day we did a little shopping. My aunt got the girls dolls from the Disney store-they loved them and have played and played with their babies-snow white and sleeping beauty.


Robyn said...

Your girls are getting so big!! They are too cute and look so much alike! I took some pics for my Christmas card. I just have to go through them and find my favs. Thanks for the vote!!

Anonymous said...

We had a great time at Silver dollar city. You both loved the parade and the Christmas tree! We love you. Grammy & Papaw

Olivia Grace said...

Cute. I am glad you girls had fun. OK I love your hat!

Tambrey said...

Love the post! I must say I love your hat! STYLISH!! Where did you get it? My parents surprised us w/ a trip for Christmas! Can't wait! Call me so we can catch up!