Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Faces Of Lilly and 13 month update

Here are a few faces of Lilly! She is just so easy to take pictures of. Blakely on the other hand will not look or run to go do something else.

I'm So happy!!

Let's go Hunting

I can get upset if I don't get my way!

Mommy didn't feed me enough tonight.

Lilly is 13 months old and is such a cute, cute mess. She will walk to me and take about five to seven steps, but still doesn't have the confidence to do it all by herself. She has a very strong personality and doesn't like people to get in the way of what she wants. Not sure how many times I have heard from Blakely, "mom Lilly pushed me, mom Lilly took my toy away from me, MOMMY, Lilly is trying to push me out of my chair!" Then I also hear from Blakely, "mom, lilly shared with me, mom, Lilly is giving me kisses." Such great sisterly love. Lilly loves to eat and will eat almost anything. She currently has 5 teeth. She still loves her paci. Most days she still takes two naps, but lately it has been one. She sleeps all night long. Lilly you are such a joy!!!

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