Thursday, October 1, 2009

Taylor Swift

Own Our WayMiss BlakelyCowgirl-with a little BlingJulia, Blakely and Bella
Sweet HugsBlakely and Mommy-Yes Blakely does not look happy and I look way too happy. hahaha
Last Saturday Blakely and I headed south to go see Taylor Swift. Blakely really likes her and I do too. Both girls sing along with all her songs. We went with the Nutt Girls and had the best time. Taylor really puts on a show! We also got to see Kellie Pickler and Gloriana. The girls danced, sang and had the best time.

Taylor hits the stage
So now for the long exciting story of the night...We were sitting in the upper section and two ladies came up by our section looking around (one we know now was Taylor Swift's Mom). A group of teenagers came up and they gave them free tickets to the pit area-so of course I had to ask are you giving away free tickets. She told me that our girls were too small to go down there, but she had something special in store for them later. Of course we had no idea what it was or if it was for real. After several songs from Taylor one of the ladies, a camera man and a spotlight guy came up to our seats and told us to get everything and come with them. When we got to the floor they told us that Taylor was going to do an acoustic set and that we would be able to sit on the carpet around her-they only picked 15 to 20 people to sit in the gated area. We couldn't believe it!! The girls were so excited and of course both Sara and I were. So she came down and sang a few songs and then afterward came by us and shook hands and that is when Blakely got a hug from Taylor. Taylor told Blakely "you are so sweet." Of course Blakely was excited, but doesn't understand how lucky we were to get chosen. So know we officially LOVE Taylor Swift.
All of pictures of Taylor are have a bright light in them. The spot light was shining on us/the carpet the whole time.
Blakely and Bella excited about getting to see Taylor so close

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The Greenfield Family said...

That is soooo cool! What a lucky girl! Great to hang out with you Saturday. You are such a sweetheart!